What We Do:

Our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists work collaboratively with a dynamic group of attending anesthesiologists many of whom are experts in various aspects of anesthesia. Hopkins surgeons bring interesting cases in every specialty from around the world. Our academic environment is stimulating and challenging.

We are now proudly serving as a clinical site for several schools of Nurse Anesthesia. Once again, nurse anesthetists are learning the art and science of their specialty under the historic dome at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) staff is growing, and the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine welcomes qualified anesthetists interested in joining a large and vibrant academic department.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Andrew Benson, MSN
Chief, Division of Nurse Anesthesia
Lead CRNA, General Surgery
Blalock 1404
(410) 955-1675

Emily Shearer
Administrative Coordinator
(443) 287-2937

Lead CRNAs

Robin Boynton, CRNA
Endoscopy Center and Wilmer

Wailin Lau, MS
Electrophysiology Lab

Marie DeFranceso-Loukas
Neuro Anesthesia and Trauma

Laurie Meginnis, MS
Onboarding and Special Projects

Kelly Rechtin, MS
Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center and Plastics

Nurse Anesthesia Education Team

Mary Scott-Herring DNP, MS, CRNA
Clinical Coordinator: Graduate Nurse Anesthesia Education

Saheel Patel CRNA, MS, MSN
Assistant Clinical Coordinator: Graduate Nurse Anesthesia Education

Johns Hopkins Hospital CRNAs

Obinna Adogu, CRNA
Lauren Baker, CRNA
LarSharVa Bennett, CRNA, MSN
Andrew Benson, CRNA
Danielle Boggio, CRNA
Robin Boynton, CRNA
Agnes Brooker, CRNA
Michael Broussard, CRNA
Stephen Buchanan, CRNA
Georgette Burris-Campbell, CRNA, MS
Marjorie Cesaire, MSN, CRNA
Youngok Cho, CRNA, MSN
Joan Chouli, CRNA
Kelley Clark, CRNA
Fara Clarke, CRNA
Mary Clothier, CRNA, BSN, MS
Richard Conley, CRNA
Deborah Curtis, CRNA, MS
Matthew D’Angelo, CRNA
Marie DeFrancesco-Loukas, MSN, CRNP, CRNA
Christopher Diem, CRNA
Monica Douglas, CRNA
Lewis Eder, MSN, CRNA
Augustine Emmanuel, CRNA, DNP
Harriet Forjuoh, CRNA
Sandra Foster, CRNA
Lauren Freedman, CRNA
Belinda Gardner, CRNA, MS
Gary Gauthier, CRNA, MS
John Goelz, CRNA
Joachim Gomes, CRNA
Nicole Grass, CRNA
Jessica Hadley, CRNA
Jennifer Hannon, CRNA, MSN
Frederick Hauf, CRNA, MS
Clare Horn, CRNA
Kristen Horsman, CRNA, MSN
Emmanuel Ibhaze, CRNA, MS
Kelsie Johnson, CRNA, MSN
Nanciann Kean, CRNA, MSN
Brittney Keating, CRNA
Soo-Ok Kim, CRNA
Heather Landry, CRNA
Virginia Larsen, CRNA
Wailin Lau, CRNA, MS
Kelsey Leonard, CRNA
Aileen Liwanagan, CRNA
Wai-Ling Lo, CRNA, MSN
Kevin Lopez, CRNA, MS
Scott Manning, CRNA
Megan McAuliffe, CRNA
Anne McNulty, CRNA
Beth Medina, CRNA
Laurie Meginnis, CRNA, MS
Aileen Mendez, MS, CRNA
Darolyn Milburn, CRNA, MSN, MS
Vania Milnes, CRNA, MSN
Jaime Mocca
Jennifer Pease Moreno, CRNA, MSNA
Marc Okolowicz, MSN, CRNA
Ebony Page, CRNA, MSN
Saheel Patel, CRNA
Carla Perez-Colon, CRNA, MSN
Richard Pippenger
Katya Podin, CRNA, MSN
Kristen Praesel, CRNA, MSN, DNP
Jennifer Ranieri, CRNA, MSN
Kelly Rechtin, CRNA, MS
Karen Robertson-Sanchez, CRNA, MSN
Pat Rose, CRNA
Dahlia Rouchon, CRNA, MS
Mary Saliski, CRNA, MSN
Jose Riel Sanariz, CRNA, MS
Mary Scott-Herring, DNP, MS, CRNA
Shannon Segres, CRNA, MS, MSN
Kristina Shaver, CRNA
Alex Sigalovsky, CRNA
Faresha Sims, CRNA, DNAP
Matthew Soladay, CRNA, MSN
Griffin Stewart, CRNA, MSN
Joe Susco, CRNA
Kelly Trancucci, CRNA
Serena Twu-Murray, CRNA
Joseph Udeh, CRNA
Michaela Uy, CRNA, MS
Kaitlyn Vaughn, CRNA, MSN
Christine Velarde, CRNA, MS
Benjamin Waldbaum, CRNA, MSN
Lori Walton-Bonello, CRNA
Megan Waters, CRNA, MSN
Christine Williams, CRNA, DNP
Stephanie Wooster, CRNA, MSN