Belinda Gardner, CRNA, received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Johns Hopkins University in 2001, and her Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesiology from Georgetown University in 2003. As a stand-out student nurse anesthetist, Belinda had two articles published in the Student Journal of Nurse Anesthesia. She has now been a nurse anesthetist for over ten years, and has been a part of the Johns Hopkins team for over seven years. Prior to her career as a nurse anesthetist, Belinda was a preceptor, as well as a charge nurse in the Johns Hopkins Cardiac Surgical ICU for six years. Belinda enjoys taking on leadership opportunities and is passionate about having a strong work ethic and leading by example. As a senior staff member, Belinda was involved in the creation of the CRNA Facilitator role. In addition to being an active facilitator, Belinda has chaired the Spring Retreat Committee, which brings together Hopkins-entity CRNA’s for an annual day of team building and departmental planning. As an experienced clinical leader, Belinda enjoys mentoring and precepting students, as well as orienting new CRNA staff members. Belinda also serves to coordinate several CRNA social activities and CRNA week events to help boost team morale, as she advocates for the continuation of departmental activities that positively impact the CRNA team.