What We Do:

The Adult Multispecialty Division at Johns Hopkins provides anesthetic services to the general operating rooms and remote locations for some of the hospital’s most complex thoracic, vascular, and organ transplant cases. This group of anesthesiologists prioritize patient comfort and understanding with expert techniques to manage some of the hospital’s most complex surgical cases. The level of expertise in the Adult Division is exemplified through the ground breaking clinical research produced by our anesthesiologists who focus on methods to reduce surgery-related complications.

A New Era for the Virtual Exchange of Knowledge

As part of a new speaker exchange program with Stanford University, two virtual Grand Rounds lectures took place. Alyssa Burgart, a pediatric anesthesiologist and Bioethicist from Stanford spoke to our department on February 4th, on “COVID-19 Vaccines: Prioritization, FOMO and Vaccine Hesitancy”. Bob Sikorski, from our division spoke to Stanford on March 8th, on “Trauma Resuscitation: A Never-ending Journey”. This is a new era for the virtual exchange of knowledge, where speakers can be invited from all over the country, or even internationally, with virtually no cost, or time lost to travel. Of course, we look forward to visiting in person, with dinners and face-to-face meetings, however keeping the academic mission alive is the primary goal for this speaker exchange. So far, it is working quite well with more speakers to come in May and June.

Training the Next Generation of Anesthesia Technicians

Michael Phelps worked as an Anesthesia Critical Care Technician at Johns Hopkins in the mid-1990’s. This background provides a unique perspective for his position as the medical director of the Johns Hopkins / CCBC Anesthesia Technology program. Phelps, along with Shannon Yorkman, CRNA, and Kimberly Allen, Cer. ATT, train the next generation of anesthesia support staff to handle the latest in anesthesia technology. The program is described in the December issue of the ASA Monitor (https://pubs.asahq.org/monitor/article-abstract/84/12/52/112308/Johns-Hopkins-CCBC-Anesthesia-Technology-Program). Their hard work has paid off, as the most recent graduating class celebrated a 100% pass rate on the national certification exam.

Division Faculty and Clinical Associates

Steven Frank, MD
Division Chief, Adult Multispecialty
Director, Johns Hopkins Health System Blood Management Program
Director, Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Haitham Al-Grain, MD, FASA

Maria Bauer, MD

Ramola Bhambhani, MD, MBBS

Henrique Doria De Vasconcellos, MD, MSc, PhD

Ima Chinedozi, MD, MPH

Christina Giblin, MD

Christy Gray, MD
Director, Adult Multispecialty Patient Safety and Quality Assurance

Akos Kalmar, MD

Lynette Mark, MD
Director, Difficult Airway Rapid Response Team and Otolaryngology Anesthesia

Katherine Norgaard, MD

Michael Phelps, MD
Director, Out-of-OR Anesthesia
Medical Director, Anesthesia Technician School

Nicole Rizkalla, MD
Director, Hepatobiliary Anesthesia
Director, Liver/Abdominal Transplant Anesthesia
Perioperative Anesthesia Consultant and Coordinator for Abdominal Transplant, Comprehensive Transplant Center

Thomas Rosenthal, MD

Ioana Rus, MD, PhD, MSc

Christelle Samen, MD

Anjana Sekaran, MD

Robert Sikorski, MD
Director, Trauma Anesthesia

Robert Thomsen, MD, FASA
Vice Chairman, Human Resources and Patient Experience; Medical Director, Endoscopy

April Villamayor, MD