Darolyn Milburn, MSN, CRNA, received a BA in Biology from Western Maryland College in 1989. She then worked as a QA/QC lab technologist for product development and research, and as a lab scientist for the public and private sectors. She then received her MS in Science Education in 1992 from Morgan State University, and later worked as a substitute teacher in special education for grades 7-12. Seeking a career change, Darolyn then received her BSN from East Carolina University in 2002. Throughout her schooling, Darolyn was honored for her outstanding scholastic achievements and was active in many organizations through community service. As a nurse, Darolyn worked in the Johns Hopkins Cardiac SICU for 8 years, and was a charge nurse as well as a wound care liaison. In 2012, Darolyn received her MSN in nurse anesthesia from Villanova University and now participates in the otolaryngology, endoscopy, outpatient, and robotics cohorts. Outside of Hopkins, Darolyn dedicates herself as a coordinator for a local girl’s youth group to help foster scholastic achievement, leadership, and community service. In addition, Darolyn annually participates in a career day for local middle and high school students to promote diversity in health and science careers.