Matt Soladay is the Chief Nurse Anesthetist at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He began his nursing career with the BSN program at the JHU School of Nursing, graduating in 2006. After several years working as an RN in the JHH Medical ICU, he relocated to obtain his Nurse Anesthesia training at Boston College. Afterward, he returned to Johns Hopkins Hospital to continue his career as a CRNA in 2011. He enjoys the tremendous clinical opportunities that are available at Johns Hopkins, and his favored clinical specialty is pediatric anesthesia, where he spends all his clinical time. In February 2022, he became the Chief of the Division of Nurse Anesthesia, a group he is very passionate about serving. Matt is incredibly dedicated to the mission of patient care and committed to Johns Hopkins and ACCM; he finds that the greatest value of working at Johns Hopkins is the diversity in cases and the environment.