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Anesthesia Implications for Chemo saturation — Percutaneous Hepatic Chemotherapy; A Novel Approach to the Management of Metastatic Liver Cancer

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Spencer Fogelman, MD
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Monday, May 20, 2024


  • Understand the principles of how surgery and anesthesia influences tumor metastasis and tumor recurrence
  • Understand the basic implications of commonly used anesthetics in the setting of surgical oncology
  • Become familiar with the history of management metastatic liver cancer
  • Become familiar with the preoperative selection and evaluation of patients undergoing Percutaneous Hepatic Chemotherapy
  • Understand the anesthetic management of Chemo saturation-Percutaneous Hepatic Chemotherapy

Dr. Spencer Fogelman is currently a Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center (UTHSC) where he serves as the Assistant Director of Ambulatory Services and the anesthesia point person for their Delcath Liver Perfusion Program. He is originally from Cincinnati, OH, received his medical degree from Lincoln Memorial University-Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2018 and completed his residency at the University of Kentucky in 2022 where he served as Chief Resident.

Fungal Infections in the ICU

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Ian Molyneaux, MD

University of Tennessee Health Science Center – Memphis


  • To Be Able to Describe the Characteristics of at Least Two Types of Fungi that can Cause
    Infections in Humans
  • To Be Able to Describe Two or More Risk Factors for Fungal Infections in the Critically Ill
  • To Be Able to Discuss Empiric Treatment Options for Patients Who Have Invasive
    Candida Infections
  • To Be Able to Describe the Intrinsic Susceptibility Patterns of Pathogenic Fungi

Dr. Ian Molyneaux is a native of the beautiful Caribbean Island of Jamaica. His journey into medicine was really a chance encounter when the University of The West Indies in his home country sent out scholarship examinations for prospective students while he was in high school. He was offered a spot in their medical school after scoring well in the science portions of those examinations and review of his volunteer work in state children’s homes. He finished medical school in 2006, graduating with a degree in Basic Medical Sciences with honors in addition to his medical school degree. He then finished training as a general practitioner in Jamaica and from 2010-2013 he had the interesting and challenging job of being a ship’s doctor for a major cruise line.

He had always wanted to pursue a career in anesthesiology and so in 2013, he gave up his sailor’s uniform and went on to be accepted into the Howard University Hospital Preliminary Medicine Residency in Washington, D.C. From there he tackled the challenge of gaining a spot in an anesthesiology residency. From 2015-2018, he was an anesthesiology resident at the MetroHealth Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University Program, in Cleveland, Ohio. This program is the busiest level 1 trauma program in Northeast Ohio.

After successfully completing residency, he then completed a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Critical Care Anesthesiology. He is now faculty at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center practicing out of Regional One Health Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the busiest trauma centers in the United States with over 4500 level 1 trauma activations per year.

The Safety of Regional Anesthesia in Children

May 31, 2023
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Archana Ramesh, MBBS
Yale New Haven Hospital


  • Identify Risks Inherent in Performing Regional Anesthesia in Adults and Children
  • Prepare for Each Risk
  • Manage Complications
  • Describe Ways to Minimize Risks

Dr. Ramesh is a self-proclaimed regional enthusiast at heart. After completing her core fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, she went on to train in Pediatric Regional Anesthesia at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is currently a Faculty physician at Yale where she serves as the Director of Pediatric Regional Anesthesia. Her special interests lie in quality and safety specifically, but not limited to, the realm of regional anesthesia. Her home life is happily consumed by her two adorable toddlers for whom she finds herself trying to improve the future.



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