Who We Are:

We are the Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia Division of ACCM. We are a group of 19 Regional and Acute Pain trained attending physicians with 4 fellows and 2 Nurse Practitioners. Our group is 44% female and we all come from diverse regional training programs including Johns Hopkins, UPMC, University of Maryland, Yale, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Please see below for a detailed biography and portrait of each faculty member, clinical associate, and fellow.

An answer to the opioid crisis: Johns Hopkins Perioperative Pain Clinic 

One of the most followed public health crisis nationwide has involved the use of prescription opioids for pain management. The country has reached a critical breaking point with alarming rates of addiction and opioid-related deaths. Opioids have become the first-line treatment for acute and chronic pain with approximately one-third of adults in the United States reporting prescription opioid use for pain relief.

Overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, with fifty-percent of these linked to prescription opioids.

Recognizing that the perioperative period is a unique opportunity to develop well-coordinated care in pain management, the Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Division of Johns Hopkins, led by Director Marie N. Hanna, MBBCh, MD, has developed an innovative clinic model to address aspects of pain management and opioid utilization. The goal is to manage pain during the preoperative, acute surgical hospitalization and postoperative follow up periods and center on key areas that will include reductions in adverse events, reduce length of stay and hospital readmissions associated with uncontrolled pain, reduce inpatient and outpatient opioid utilization, and improved patient satisfaction. Key features of the Perioperative Pain Program involve the joining of multidisciplinary teams of acute and chronic pain specialists with psychiatrists who have direct access to integrative medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation services. Working together, this team provides an addiction rehabilitation center with a novel pain management infrastructure for a truly unique triage and management experience.

A major impact of the clinic is to help individuals wean off chronic opioids. The goal is to reduce individual opioid consumption before surgery and help individuals wean completely off opioids post-surgery. This clinic-model could serve as an answer to the Nation’s narcotic crisis and will not only improve the surgical pain experience, but improve the individual’s quality of life well after surgery.

To refer a patient to this clinic, please call 410-955-5608 or [email protected].
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Division Faculty and Clinical Associates

Marie Hanna MD, MEHP
Division Chief of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain management
Medical Director of the Perioperative Pain Program 

Richard Barnhart, DO
Director of Acute Pain Service at Bayview Medical Center

David Bravos, MD

Laura Elizabeth Wong Chin, MD, MPH
Director of Ambulatory Regional Anesthesia

Kellie Jaremko, MD, PHD

Brinda Krish, DO

Scott Mittman, MD

Dahlia Naqib, MD

Gabriel Orner, DO
Director of Regional Anesthesia for Johns Hopkins Hospital

Rashmi Prasad, MD
Anesthesia Director, Green Spring Station PIII

Alyson Russo, MD

Ronen Shechter, MD
Director of Acute Pain Service Johns Hopkins Hospital

Kara Segna, MD
Associate Fellowship Director
Director of Regional Anesthesia for Bayview Medical Center
Director of Transgender Anesthesia for ACCM

Shruti Sudhakar, MD

2022-2023 Fellows

Erica Alcibiade, DO
Jinsoo Kim, MD
Patrick Mancilla, MD
Rabiul Ryan, DO
Shruti Sudhakar, MD

Division Advanced Practice Nurses

Kevin Goundry, MSN
Angela Llufrio, MSN

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