The Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine department provides a rich and diverse array of research areas for post-doctoral fellowship training opportunities for PhD, MD, and MD/PhD trainees. Our postdoctoral training program supports your career development and training in research, promotes collaboration with our renowned investigators, and encourages your contribution to important scientific research. The goal of the program is to prepare you for the next step in your career in academia and beyond. We have developed a coordinated approach to your program of training. You will benefit from the guidance in your research and in your career development from a mentorship committee, in addition to your faculty preceptor. Identifying your research passion and a stellar mentor (see Postdoctoral Research Mentors list to the right) is key to a successful fellowship. We encourage all prospective fellows to explore the breadth of the research in the department  following the Research links on these pages.

Postdoctoral Research Mentors

Research opportunities are not limited to the given mentors, and can take place with any qualified Johns Hopkins faculty member. For each trainee, an individualized Research Training Program will be formulated with input from the appropriate Mentors and Program Directors. Program mentors are listed in the following table.

MentorAppointment(s)Research Interests
Michael J. Caterina, MD, PhDProfessor, Biochemistry; NeuroscienceMolecular Mechanism of Peripheral Nociception and TRP Channel Function
Steven P. Cohen, MDProfessor, AnesthesiologyClinical Trials and Epidemiology of Chronic Pain
Nauder Faraday
Professor, Anesthesiology; SurgeryMolecular and Cellular Biology of Platelet Function; Pharmacogenomics of antiplatelet therapy; Molecular Determinants of Perioperative Outcome
Nicholas Flavahan, PhDProfessor, AnesthesiologyVascular Biology: Vascular Development and Vascular Disease
Steven M. Frank, MDAssociate Professor, Anesthesiology; Director, Interdisciplinary Blood Management ProgramBlood Conservation; Transfusion Practices
Wei Dong Gao, MD, PhDAssociate Professor, AnesthesiologyCardiovascular Physiology; Contractile Dysfunction; Heart Failure
Allan Gottschalk, MD, PhD
Program Director
Associate Professor, AnesthesiologyAnesthetic Mechanisms; Acute Pain; Sensory Neurobiology; Computational/Theoretical Neuroscience
Yun Guan, MD, PhDAssociate Professor, AnesthesiologyChronic Pain; Hyperalgesia After Nerve Injury
Nikki Heller, PhDAssociate Professor, AnesthesiologyMolecular and cellular immune function in lung diseases; Asthma; ARDS; Cytokine Signaling
Elizabeth Hunt, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Anesthesiology; PediatricsResuscitation; Clinical Simulation; Patient Safety; Medical Education
Roger A. Johns, MD, PhDProfessor, AnesthesiologyVascular Biology, Including Pulmonary Hypertension; Molecular Biology of Anesthesia and Analgesia; Health Policy
Sujatha Kannan, MDAssociate Professor, AnesthesiologyNanotechnology; Cerebral Injury and Protection, Neurological Diseases
Raymond C. Koehler, PhDProfessor, Anesthesiology
Anesthesiology; Environmental Health Sciences (Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Vascular Biology of the Brain; Cerebral Injury After Stroke and Cardiac Arrest
Jennifer K. Lee, MDAssociate Professor, AnesthesiologyVascular Biology of the Brain; Hypoxic Neural Injury, Cerebral Protection, Cerebral Autoregulation
Paul A. Nyquist, MD, MPHAssociate Professor, Neurology; Anesthesiology; NeurosurgeryNeurologic Outcomes in Critical Care
Lewis Romer, MDProfessor, AnesthesiologyEndothelial Cell Adhesion; Cytoskeletal Biology; Pulmonary Hypertension
Donald H. Shaffner, MD, PhDProfessor, Anesthesiology; PediatricsNeurologic Injury Associated with Cardiac Arrest
Frederick Sieber, MDProfessor, AnesthesiologyGeriatric Anesthesiology; Cognitive Function Alterations and Anesthesia
Robert D. Stevens, MDAssociate Professor, Anesthesiology; Neurology; Neurosurgery; RadiologyNeural Injury in Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Sepsis; Functional Brain Imaging
Albert W. Wu, MD, MPHProfessor, Health Policy and Management; Epidemiology; International Health (Bloomberg School of Public Health); Medicine; SurgeryLong-Term Outcomes of Health Care Delivery