Our CRNAs do not work Call, Weekends, Nights, or Holidays here at the Main Campus in East Baltimore. 

During the introductory 120-day orientation upon hiring, the new CRNA will work 4 10-hour shifts each week to give them as much diverse case exposure as possible.  Towards the end of the orientation period, the employee will have a conversation with the Chief CRNA regarding what their long-term Schedule will look like.

Here at the Main Campus, our CRNAs have a Schedule “Track.”  A schedule track is a repetitive schedule that allows the CRNA to have a consistent and predictable long-term schedule.  This is a tremendous non-monetary benefit and allows the CRNA to be able to plan their outside life and activities much easier.

12-hour shift Schedule Track example:  in order to work 40 hours per week while working 12-hour shifts, this is what that would look like:

  • Week 1: 3 12-hour shifts (36 hours)
  • Week 2: 3 12-hour shifts (36 hours)
  • Week 3: 4 12-hour shifts (48 hours)

We can work together to identify your track based on our operational needs combined with your personal preference.  This is how we decide which days you will work throughout the year.

Other shift lengths available include 10-hour, 14-hour, and 16-hour shifts.  14 and 16-hour shifts are by volunteers only and subject to clinical need.  Currently, 12-hour shifts are most in need but there are opportunities for 10-hour shifts.