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What We Do:

Ambulatory surgery or, outpatient surgery, describes surgeries in which patients can go home the same day after their surgery. More than 2/3 of surgeries in the US are performed in an outpatient setting and this volume continues to grow each year. Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are specialized centers for outpatient surgery. Receiving surgical care as an outpatient has many advantages including the comfort of recovering in familiar surroundings, early post-operative mobilization, and reduced healthcare costs. As anesthetic and surgical techniques have improved over time, the patient population eligible for outpatient surgery has grown extensively. Even patients with multiple medical problems may be able to have their surgery done in an outpatient setting such as an ASC. Our division uses a multi-faceted approach to reviewing patients’ medical history, to ensure they are safe candidates for outpatient surgery. 

At Johns Hopkins Medicine, we currently have multiple ASCs with our flagship site, the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center (JHOC). JHOC is conveniently located adjacent to the main hospital in East Baltimore, should a patient need hospital-based services. Greenspring Station Pavilion III in Lutherville, is our newest most cutting-edge facility and is the largest free-standing ASC in Maryland.

The Ambulatory Anesthesia Division supports many surgical specialties at our locations including orthopedics, plastics, gynecology, surgical oncology, otolaryngology, vascular surgery, urology, endocrine surgery, general surgery as well as cardiac electrophysiology and gastroenterology. Our division includes Anesthesia providers who are knowledgeable across fields, are adaptable, safe and efficient. We have a highly skilled group of physicians with a diverse collection of Anesthesiology training, including Pediatric anesthesia, Regional anesthesia, Pain medicine, private practice and academics. We work with core group of skilled nurse anesthetists with extensive cross-training.

The mission of the Ambulatory division is

  • To provide high quality, safe, efficient and pleasant care for patients undergoing outpatient surgery and anesthesia
  • To offer high quality education and training for Anesthesiology residents, emphasizing principles specific to outpatient surgery and efficiency
  • To continually utilize data metrics to analyze and improve our practice and processes

Meet Our Division

Sara Sateri, MD
Division Chief, Ambulatory Anesthesia

Rashmi Prasad, MD
Director of Ambulatory Integration

Robert Thomsen, MD
Executive Director of Ambulatory Services

Clarissa Tomeldan, MD
Medical Director, Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
Medical Director of Wellness

Deondra Asike, MD

Laura Elizabeth Wong Chin, MD, MPH

Samuel Chung, MD

Archana Hudson, MD, ScM

Dahlia Naqib, MD

Ed Nguyen, MD

Stephanie Vecino Rais, MD

Giulia Sikorski, MD
Director of Ambulatory Anesthesia Education

Kathryn Simms, MD

Tracey Smith-Stierer, MD
Vice Chair, Quality, Safety, and Service

Jerry Stonemetz, MD