Basic and clinical research within the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine (ACCM) is conducted and supported by faculty with M.D., M.D./Ph.D., and Ph.D. degrees, fellows, graduate students, and staff. In addition to being excellent educators and providing the highest quality compassionate patient care, ACCM faculty must also advance knowledge in our specialty and in medicine globally. These individuals interact and collaborate in many important research areas and are well-trained cardiovascular and pulmonary physiologists and pharmacologists, biochemists, molecular and vascular biologists, neuroscientists, and clinical outcome scientists who have common research interests, particularly with respect to the brain, heart, lung, and muscle.

Swati Agarwal
Suyi Cao, MD
Fumin Chang, PhD
Katie O'Conor, MD
Manda Saraswati
Yanrong Shi
Ali Sobhi Afshar
Jieru Wan

Maria Avalos, PhD
Ahmed Bakare
William Daccarett Bojanini
Xiang Cui
Neil Ford, PhD
Udeshika Kariyawasam
Javier Allende Labastida, MD, PhD
Jing Liu, PhD
Navid Modiri
Sanaz Nasoohi
Diego Quiroga
Blanca Rodriguez, PhD
Sameeksha Tiwari
Ankit Uniyal
Preeti Vyas, PhD
Huazhen Xu
Yang Yuan

Data Scientist: Md Easin Hasan
Graduate Student: Puvada Sreevarsha
Instructor: Qin Zheng
Lab Manager: Larraine Lage
Laboratory Aide: Elizabeth Banyas
Laboratory Manager: Guangwu Zhu
Medical Editor: Brittni Delmaine
Research Assistant: Yanlin Chen
Research Assistant: Arman Davani
Research Assistant: Kirby Gong
Research Assistant: Lisa Hwang
Research Assistant: Jaelyn Swann
Research Specialist: Daisy Xu
Research Specialist II: Holly Hammond
Research Technologist: Nelly Damiba
Research Trainee: Achala Moncy
Research Trainee: Harshita Tak
Sr Research Program Manager: Joshua Rudnicki
Sr. Biostatistician: Jules Bergmann
Sr. Laboratory Manager: Kavitha Nandakumar
Sr. Research Assistant: Paul Ryu
Sr. Research Nurse: Mirinda Anderson White
Sr. Research Nurse: Beth White
Undergrad Assistant: Kathleen Lac
Undergraduate Student: Philip Azarcon
Visiting Student: Lillian Milstone