Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2019 Research Day Poster Awards! We saw a lot of fantastic posters and presentations at the event and it was astounding to see all of the wonderful research that is happening in our department.

Category Winner Poster title
Basic Cardiovascular Science Deepesh Pandey Farnesylated prelamin A in endothelial cell dysfunction: Progeria syndrome as a paradigm for age-related atherosclerosis
Basic Neuroscience Jieqiong Wen Early isoflurane exposure aggravates the long-term cognitive, behavior dysfunction, and disrupts the synaptic development in Fmr1 KO mice
Basic Science – 1 Jochen Steppan Not all mice are the same: Different mouse strains exhibit distinct vascular properties
Basic Science – 2 Awinita Barpujari Investigating the role of peripheral mu-opioid and cannabinoid-1 receptors in nociceptive signaling, inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain
Clinical Research – 1 Andrew Jin Physiologic responses to red blood cell transfusions in critically-ill pediatric patients
Clinical Research – 2 Laeben Lester A pragmatic randomized controlled trial comparing nasal positive airway pressure to usual care in endoscopy to reduce hypoxia
Education Deborah Schwengel Using quantitative EEG to understand neurocognitive engagement in medical decision-making and procedural tasks
Infection and Inflammation Ruchit Patel Linking neuroinflammation and sleep disturbances: impact of dendrimer conjugated N-acetyl-cysteine therapy
Operations and Informatics Hanbiehn Kim A machine learning-based prediction of cardiac arrest outcome using a large multi-center database
Quality Improvement Brian Cho Blood transfusions for lead extractions—Do we really need blood in the room?
Translational Neuroscience Henry Hardart Oleuropein protects white matter after neonatal hypoxic brain injury and hypothermia