Welcome to The Johns Hopkins Anesthesiology and Critical Care Residency Training Program! We’ve put together some videos to give you a feel for what life and training are like here and we invite you to take a look. We look forward to reading your application.

Dr. Danny Muehlschlegel, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine Chair

Dr. Jed Wolpaw, Residency Program Director

Drs. Tym Kajstura, Shuna Gao, Zach Claudio, Chief Residents

Dr. Lee Goeddel, Critical Care Track Director

Hopkins ACCM Resident Experience

Johns Hopkins Medicine Virtual Tour for Prospective Applicants

Johns Hopkins Physicians Stand With You

Residency – Apply We invite you to browse our residency site to get a feel for what we are looking for in prospective anesthesiology residents. Here at Hopkins, all applications are carefully considered, as we understand that board scores and clinical grades do not in and of themselves paint an accurate picture of an applicant.