What We Do:

Post-doctoral scholars are a vital and valued part of our research effort in the department of ACCM.
The ACCM department has a rich and diverse array of research areas and world-class basic science faculty to provide you with the highest level of training for the next steps in your career. You will also be part of the broader Johns Hopkins research community, with opportunities for collaborations and connections to outstanding resources for your research.
We have developed a coordinated approach to your program of training. You will learn the skills to give you the best opportunities and the widest selection of careers for your next step. You will benefit from guidance in your research and in your career development from a mentorship committee, in addition to your faculty preceptor.

Jeff Dodd-o, MD, PhD
Nick Flavahan, PhD
Wei Dong Gao, MD, PhD
Yun Guan, MD, PhD
Nikki Heller, PhD
Roger Johns, MD, MHS, PhD
Sujatha Kannan, MD
Ray Koehler, PhD
David Mintz, MD, PhD
Courtney Robertson, MD
Lew Romer, MD
Lakshmi Santhanam, PhD
Susanna Scafidi, MD
Eellan Sivanesan, MD
Jochen Steppan, MD, DESA
Adam Sapirstein, MD

Typically, post-doctoral fellowship mentors advertise open fellowship positions in leading scientific journals. However, you may also contact mentors directly or place an email enquiry with Dr. Nikki Heller ([email protected]) about open fellowship positions within the department.