Our ACCM family had a strong showing at the American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting in San Francisco this month. Please see the attached listing of all the contributions, prepared by Sarah Danihel:

Accomplishments and Honors

Ozan Akca, MD, FCCM was a featured speaker at the 29th Meeting of the Turkish Society of Thoracic Cardio-vascular Anesthesia & Intensive Care in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ozan Akca, MD, FCCM presented on “How to serve as an academic anesthesiologist- competent clinician and active researcher?” to the residents of the Istanbul University, Department of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care,

Kimberly Allen, BA, Cer ATT received the 2023 American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASATT) Jamie Blue Anesthesia Tech of the Year Award. Updated with link to photos and more information about this notable achievement: https://anesthesiology.hopkinsmedicine.org/2023/10/23/kim-allen-receives-national-award-from-asatt/

Melania Bembea, MD, PhD, MPH was named the Director of the Johns Hopkins Pediatric ACCM Clinical Research Program.

Nadia Hensley, MD was an invited Grand Rounds speaker at Montefiore Medical Center presenting “ANH, RAP, TXA, EPO- Alphabet Soup or Things Valuable in Patient Blood Management.”

Kara Segna, MD presented Grand Rounds at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia on “Modern Perspectives on Transgender Care.”

Eellan Sivanesan, MD, FASA, was invited to serve on the Neurobiology of Pain and Itch (NPI) study section (Ad hoc) and a Special Emphasis Panel (NINDS) at the Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health. Dr. Sivanesan was also invited to serve on the editorial board of Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface.

Tachira Tavarez, MD MS presented Grand Rounds at the Medical University of South Carolina on “Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Review of Surgical and Immune-Targeting Therapies.”

Alumni News: Michelle Petrovic, MD was named a 2024 MIT Catalyst Fellow; news courtesy of Scott Mittman, MD.

ASA 2023

Articles Published

Basic and Translational Research

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Clinical Research

Goeddel L, Akca O. Perioperative Acute Kidney Injury. Turk J Intensive Care 2023;21:153-61.

Kalra A, Shou BL, Zhao D, Wilcox C, Keller SP, Kim BS, Whitman GJR, Cho SM; HERALD group. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation physiological factors influence pulse oximetry and arterial oxygen saturation discrepancies. Ann Thorac Surg. 2023 Sep 23. Online ahead of print.

Khanduja S, Rando H, Chinedozi ID, Kang JK, Darby Z, Trusch K, Pitts J, Whitman G, Cho SM, Kim BS. Assessing the safety and feasibility of portable low-field magnetic resonance imaging with HeartMate 3 Left Ventricular Assist Device. ASAIO J. 2023 Oct 11. Online ahead of print.

Shou BL, Wilcox C, Florissi IS, Krishnan A, Kim BS, Keller SP, Whitman GJR, Uchino K, Bush EL, Cho SM. National trends, risk factors, and outcomes of acute in-hospital stroke following lung transplantation in the United States: Analysis of the United Network for Organ Sharing Registry. Chest. 2023 Oct;164(4):939-951.