Epidural Steroid Injections

Reasons to perform the procedure:
Steroids are medications that reduce inflammation and pain. They may be injected into the epidural space in your spine to help relieve your back, leg, neck, or arm pain.

Before the procedure:
You will be informed where and when to report for the procedure. You may be asked not to eat or drink after midnight the night before. You will be examined by your doctor and asked to rate your pain.

Description of the procedure:
Your consent will be obtained. You will lie on your stomach for the procedure. The skin on your back or neck will be cleaned with antiseptic and numbed with medication. A needle will be inserted through the skin, and the steroid medication along with a local anesthetic (numbing medication) will be injected into the epidural space.

After the procedure:
The steroids will take at least 24-48 hours to work, so you may have a temporary increase in pain. You will be discharged shortly after the procedure.

Potential Complications: (rare)

  • Bleeding
  • Temporary numbness or weakness
  • Infection
  • Spinal headache
  • Nerve damage

You will receive further instructions from your doctor.