This message on IT Integration is intended for East Baltimore Campus ACCM users only
On July 1, ACCM transitioned from a department based IT support model for desktop services and server maintenance to the central IT (IT@JH) model.
When you experience an issue and require support, please open an Incident 2 “Ticket” with the Central IT Help Desk. The Help Desk Service Center runs 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will direct your request to the proper team. To submit an incident ticket, call (410) 955-HELP. Or go to the IT Help Desk Self-Service Portal to submit an online self-service support request using the Create Incident Form or start a live chat with a Help Desk representative online.
There is no change in the procedure to submit new EPIC account requests/changes, or request a new device or accessory. New users should continue to complete the User Account form found under Quick Links on the ACCM website.
The Rangos Building Techhub business model shifted in the last few weeks. The store will now offer only Apple and Same Day (Emergency replacement) Dell devices. YPA orders for non-emergency Dell replacements should be placed with Future Tech in SAP using policy guidelines.
If you are among the many users who ordered a new device at year end, after it arrives, you would follow the new procedure for submitting your Service Request. This will help central IT track your request, and most importantly, allow you to follow the progress from the Hopkins portal. Be sure to include your preferred contact information and availability to facilitate scheduling a time that is convenient for your personal work schedule.

  • Go to the portal,
  • Click “Help Desk”.
  • Click “Service Now”.
  • Click “Get Help”.
  • Click “I want to …” (located at the very top of the screen) Use cost center #1703010002/fund #1017000001
  • Click “Submit IT Service Request”

The 2021 Annual Required Training module reminds users not to share passwords, and IT should not ask for them.