Congratulations to Belinda Gardner, David Travis and Richard Pippenger who recently received 2024 CRNA Awards!

2024 CRNA of the Year: Belinda Gardner

Congratulations to Belinda Gardner, for being the perfect team player. Belinda is an extremely skilled and dedicated member of our ACCM family who has consistently represented our entire division to the highest level. Our colleagues rely on her for her experience and insights as well as her engagement with our group. Belinda is a great teacher, colleague, and clinician. We are lucky to have her!

Thanks Belinda!

2024 CRNA Preceptor of the Year: David Travis

Congratulations to David Travis, for being a great preceptor and mentor to our student nurse anesthetists. Through positive modeling of behavior, advocacy, and evidenced-based practice, David supports our students to ensure their success. A job well done!

Thanks David!

2024 Olive Berger Award: Richard Pippenger

Congratulations to Richard Pippenger, CRNA, for receiving the 2024 Olive Berger Award for Clinical Excellence and Leadership!

Olive Berger, CRNA, represents the rich history of the Nurse Anesthesia profession and the legacy of CRNAs at Johns Hopkins. An exceptional CRNA and groundbreaking leader in the field, Oliver Berger served as the Chief Anesthetist of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Director of the Anesthesia School for Nurses, and former AANA president. Her clinical excellence included experience providing anesthesia for the first total pneumonectomy at JHH and for Tetralogy of Fallot procedures while working closely with Dr. Blalock in the OR.

The Olive Berger Award recognizes CRNAs for their Clinical Excellence and Leadership. Richard Pippenger has had a significant positive impact to our team and the care of our patient for many years. He is also an expert clinician and an equally experienced mentor to many. He is an incredibly versatile provider and works across our campus. We are proud to have Ric
hard on our team!

Congratulations Richard!