Please join us as we celebrate the promotion of Nadia Hensley, MD, to Associate Professor of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Hensley specializes in adult cardiothoracic anesthesiology and serves as the Director for Quality, Safety, and Service in the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. Her interests include research in cardiac surgical blood utilization and quality improvement in intraoperative blood administration.

Dr. Hensley’s precise and thoughtful approach to design, measurement, and outcomes has been paramount. Her leadership has successfully guided the dissemination of the Epic™ Blood Product Administration Module. This has included presentations at national Epic™ conferences, contributions to peer-reviewed journals, and strategic dialogues with other major academic medical institutions about the module’s implementation.

Dr. Hensley earned her medical degree at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. She completed a residency in anesthesiology at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System and a fellowship in cardiac anesthesiology at John Hopkins.

Dr. Hensley has dedicated her research career to the critical issue of blood conservation strategies. Recognizing that, while transfusions are often lifesaving, unwarranted transfusions can lead to increased complications and risk in surgical patients. Since 2018, she has made significant contributions to the field as the principal and senior author of many original studies focusing on blood management within the cardiac surgery patient group. Her expertise and commitment to advancing research in this area have been recognized through the awarding of two competitive grants from our Stimulating and Advancing ACCM Research (StAAR) program.

This promotion stands as a testament to Dr. Hensley’s unwavering dedication and diligent work. We are all thrilled to witness her well-deserved appointment.