Allison Fernandez, MD, Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Allison Fernandez is passionate about women’s empowerment in medicine. As a leader in the pediatric anesthesiology arena, Fernandez works to ensure women and girls have the resources they need to pursue studies in the medical field. In her role as adviser to the Women in Medicine and Science Committee at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Fernandez established a mentoring program for committee members, conducted workshops and coached women physicians at the hospital. She believes fostering diversity in medicine enhances the scope of discovery and promotes inclusivity, which benefits everyone in health care.

To bring awareness to the disparity of women in leadership roles in the medical profession, Fernandez partnered with the American Society of Anesthesiologists to launch and host a video series titled Women of Impact in Anesthesiology, which spotlights accomplished women leaders in the field. The interview style videos highlight the experiences and unique journeys that propelled these women into leadership positions in anesthesia. Viewers not only hear about the challenges women leaders face, but also gain valuable insight into how these remarkable women overcame their obstacles.

Fernandez’s commitment to women in leadership extends beyond the video series. She has participated in workshops and spoken on the topic at national meetings. The feedback she receives is invaluable, as it helps to further promote her efforts to advocate for more women in leadership positions.