Thank you to our presenters and collaborators for your contributions in science and to our moderators, facilitators, and admins for ensuring a successful Research Day! Our theme was “Innovations in Global Health and Global Health Technologies” which showcased all of the amazing research going on in our department.

Category awards were selected by moderators based on contributions to science and quality of presentation and Q&A.

25th Annual ACCM Research Day

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

Research Day Highlights:

  • 96 presentations in 12 research categories.
  • Meet our Research Ambassadors who are medical students or pre-meds interested in anesthesiology from JHUSOM, Howard U College of Medicine, and JHU Homewood.
  • Health Equity Honors will again be highlighted across all categories.
  • New cross-categorical highlight this year to recognize the many innovative projects utilizing AI, Informatics, Engineering, and Technology to advance science and healthcare.


Gene Bukhman, PhD, MD

“Toward a Science of Integration for Global Health Equity”

Watch Webcast

Thursday, Dec. 7th, 2023

Dr. Bukhman is Associate Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Read more

ACCM Research Day 2023

We express our gratitude to all the researchers, especially trainees, who made this day possible by sharing their work and the principal investigators for their encouragement and unconditional support.

We greatly appreciate Dr. Sujatha Kannan, Dr. Melania Bembea, and Dr. Charlie Brown for their thoughtful advice, and are particularly grateful for the assistance of Dr. Katie O’Conor, Sarah Danihel, and our lead ambassadors, Winnie Liu and Lauren Tirado, for organizing this wonderful event.

Lastly, our sincere thanks to our new ACCM Director, Dr. Jochen Daniel Muehlschlegel and his office for their enthusiastic support and investment in departmental resources, allowing us to consistently lead the world in discovery and innovation.

ACCM Research Day would not be possible without your collective contributions.

Best Regards,

Promise Ariyo, MD
ACCM Research Day Faculty Host
Assistant Professor Divisions of Cardiac Anesthesia & Critical Care

Jeeun Kang, PhD
ACCM Research Day Faculty Host
Assistant Professor Division of Research

Katie J. O’Conor, MD
ACCM Research Day Faculty Lead
ACCM Research Program Manager
ACCM Chief Diversity & Equity Officer

Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine