“’D Times – They are a changin’… Using RhD-positive RBCs in Massive Bleeding” is Visiting Professor Mark Yazer’s topic at the next Grand Rounds on Thursday, March 9th, 2023. 

Grand Rounds take place Thursdays at 7 AM in Hurd Hall. Please check your ACCM email for Zoom link and password to watch live.


  1. Appreciate the low rate of D-alloimmunization in massive bleeding
  2. Appreciate the overall low risk of HDFN following the transfusion of RhD-posiitve RBCs in massive bleeding
  3. Describe the appropriate use of uncrossmatched RBCs/LTOWB

Mark Yazer, MD
Professor of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh
Adjunct Professor of Clinical Immunology, University of Southern Denmark
Visiting Professor in Pathology, Tel Aviv University
United Nations Subject Matter Expert for Hemotherapy and Emergency Medicine

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