Grants Received

Ray Koehler, PhD is a Co-investigator on two Phase I NIH STTR subcontracts from Brimrose Technology awarded to Jeeun Kang, PhD and Emad Boctor, PhD in the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering. One grant is intended to develop a photoacoustic scanning device to image focal areas of brain deoxygenation resulting from stroke at the bedside in the NICU and PICU. The second grant is intended to use ultrasound neuromodulation linked to photoacoustic measurement of changes in brain oxygenation to detect hypoxic neural injury in neonates.


Accomplishments and Honors

Mary Beth Brady, MD FASE presented at the Cuban Congress of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation 2022 as an invited speaker on , “Basics of Interventional Echocardiography for Transcatheter mitral valve repair” in Havana, Cuba.

Tina Doshi, MD MHS was featured on a USA Today / Reddit AskScience AMA (Ask Me Anything) chronic pain and pain relief. Link:

Tina Doshi, MD MHS was interviewed and quoted for the USA Today five-part series on pain in America:

Tina Doshi, MD MHS presented “Biomarkers: Can a Lab Test Diagnose Types of Facial Pain?” and “Attracting Underrepresented Physicians to Chronic Pain Practice” at the ASRA Pain Medicine Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

Tina Doshi, MD MHS presented Grand Rounds for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine on “Biomarkers in Chronic Pain: Developing Precision Pain Medicine Approaches.”

Katherine Hoops, MD MPH received a Governor’s Citation from Governor Hogan in recognition of her advocacy efforts on behalf of the state of Maryland during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Articles Published

Basic and Translational Research

Dong Y, Gu Y, Lu J, Wan J, Jiang S, Koehler RC, Wang J, Zhou J. Amide proton transfer-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for detecting severity and predicting outcome after traumatic brain injury in rats. Neurotrauma Rep. 2022;3(1):261-275.

Gu Y, Dong Y, Wan J, Ren H, Koehler RC, Wang J. Interleukin-10 deficiency aggravates traumatic brain injury in male but not female mice. Exp Neurol. 2022;355:114125.


Clinical Research

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Media Articles

Gupta A. Top five digital health innovations for 2023. Forbes: Future Of Health. 2022 Dec 9.