September 2022

Humanitarian Mission:

Oleg Turkot, MD spearheaded a comprehensive initiative in support of Ukrainian healthcare systems-building and crisis response. Some highlights from the most recent mission are:

-19 day trip throughout Ukraine, including visits to Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Ternopil

-Multidisciplinary team of anesthesiologists (including regional anesthesia specialists and chronic pain specialists), emergency medicine physicians, and internists

-$200K medications and surgical equipment distributed across the country, donated by Hopkins and Americares

-Conducted educational workshops across the country at tertiary care centers, regional hospitals, and medical training institutions teaching hundreds of physicians, nurses, front-line paramedics, other healthcare professionals, and students in the domains of:

  • difficult airways: e.g. algorithm, POCUS, video laryngoscopes, fiberoptic scopes
  • regional anesthesia: e.g. upper and lower extremity blocks, stellate ganglion blocks for ASD/PTSD survivors and other trauma victims
  • ultrasound utilization: e.g. POCUS, FAST, RUSH, vascular access
  • peripartum health/obstetrics: e.g. emergency cesarean, obstetric ERAS
  • blood transfusion: e.g. emergency release blood, fresh blood mobile bank

-Collaborated with the Ministry of Health and tertiary care centers, regional hospitals, and medical training institutions to implement emergency response healthcare protocols and standards in domains mentioned above.

Grants Received & Other Major Study Announcements

Steven Cohen, MD received an Investigation Device Exemption (IDE # 28773.0) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to study bone marrow concentrate (a.k.a. stem cells) injections into discs for a Congressionally-funded, multi-center study.

Robert Stevens, MD is co-investigator on the NIH award “Bridge2AI: A Patient-Focused Collaborative Hospital Repository Uniting Standards (CHoRUS) for Equitable AI Addressing the Grand Challenge of Expanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve Recovery from Acute Illness.”

Accomplishments and Honors

Michael Banks, MD MEHP, and Katie O’Conor, MD, were invited speakers at the Maryland Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting in Cambridge, presenting “Health Equity and Implicit Bias: Practice-Focused Topics for Anesthesiologists.”

Michael Banks, MD MEHP, and Katie O’Conor, MD, co-hosted the third Pathways in Medicine: Discovery Lab for medical students across the country from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine, with this season’s event featuring speakers from Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urology, Radiology, Psychiatry, Dermatology, (and as always Anesthesiology!).

Laura Chin, MD MPH, and Phil Carullo, MD, were invited instructors at the annual Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellow Bootcamp hosted at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, presenting OSCE and simulation scenario teaching in September.

Ima Chinedozi, MD was accepted into the Health Systems Science Distinction Track at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Brian Cho, MD presented “Perioperative Viscoelastic Testing – “A ‘TEG’ Talk” at Grand Rounds at Maine Medical Center in September.

Sung-Min Cho, DO, MHS, presented 3 invited lectures at the Neurocritical Care Society’s South America Regional Meeting in Santiago, Chile in September: “Hemodynamic Support for Delayed Cerebral Ischemia in SAH,” “Use of Mechanical Circulatory Support Device in SAH,” and “Neurological Complications in ECMO.”

Steven Cohen, MD delivered talks on facet joint pain and discography at the World Institute of Pain meeting held in Budapest, Hungary.

Steven Frank, MD and his pets Charlie and Emma (degrees not disclosed) were featured in the Inside Hopkins Newsletter for the National Dog Day photo contest.

Gordon X. Han, DNP, BSN, CRNA was the distinguished speaker at the University of Maryland School of Nursing 2022 White Coat Ceremony.

Katie O’Conor, MD authored the Evidence-Based Guideline / Clinical Pathway: “Human Trafficking” in the Epic EMR for Johns Hopkins Hospital and Bayview Medical Center, launched in September, with collaborators Kelly Williams MSN RN and Stephanie Figueroa PA-C.

Jamie McElrath Schwartz, MD was announced as an inductee into the Miller Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence, to be inducted in October.

Kara Segna, MD was invited by Harvard-Brigham and Woman’s Hospital to present a Perioperative Transgender Healthcare Grand Rounds to their Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine in September.

Hal Shaffner, MD is in Slovenia for the month of September as a Fulbright Specialist. The Fulbright Specialist Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and is a unique opportunity for U.S. academics and established professionals to engage in two- to six-week consultancies at host institutions across the globe.

Joanne Shay, MD was announced as an inductee into the Miller Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence, to be inducted in October.

Robert Stevens, MD was nominated to Board of Directors of the Society of Complex Acute Illness (SCAI).

Robert Stevens, MD was the Plenary Speaker at the 2022 International Conference on Complex Acute Illness (ICCAI), presenting “The Digital Twin in Intensive Care Medicine.”

Robert Stevens, MD was the group leader on the Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists Task Force on the Physiologically Difficult Airway.

Robert Stevens, MD received the Presidential Citation Award from the Society for Critical Care Medicine (SCCM).

Oleg Turkot, MD and Steve Frank, MD presented the lecture “Patient Blood Management: Doing More With Less” for over 100 Ukrainian anesthesiologists, emergency medicine physicians, and trauma surgeons.

Tricia Vecchione, MD, MPH was featured in a Podcast for Feature Article in Pediatric Anesthesia, “Error Traps in Pediatric Acute Pain Management.” This paper co-authored with Connie Monitto, MD was also the subject of two Pediatric Anesthesia Article of the Day posts.

Articles Published

Basic and Translational Research

Scafidi S, Jernberg J, Fiskum G, McKenna MC. Metabolism of Exogenous [2,4-13C]β-Hydroxybutyrate following Traumatic Brain Injury in 21-22-Day-Old Rats: An Ex Vivo NMR Study. Metabolites. 2022 Jul 29;12(8):710.

Clinical Research

Alten J, Cooper DS, Klugman D, Raymond TT, Wooton S, Garza J, Clarke-Myers K, Anderson J, Pasquali SK, Absi M, Affolter JT, Bailly DK, Bertrandt RA, Borasino S, Dewan M, Domnina Y, Lane J, McCammond AN, Mueller DM, Olive MK, Ortmann L, Prodhan P, Sasaki J, Scahill C, Schroeder LW, Werho DK, Zaccagni H, Zhang W, Banerjee M, Gaies M; PC4 CAP Collaborators. Preventing cardiac arrest in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit through multicenter collaboration. JAMA Pediatr. 2022 Jul 5:e222238. Epub ahead of print.

Bhattacharyay S, Milosevic I, Wilson L, Menon DK, Stevens RD, Steyerberg EW, Nelson DW, Ercole A; CENTER-TBI investigators participants. The leap to ordinal: Detailed functional prognosis after traumatic brain injury with a flexible modelling approach. PLoS One. 2022 Jul 5;17(7):e0270973.

Bradshaw JC, Manglorkar R, Kemp S, Weygandt PL. ECG findings of pericarditis in a patient with inferior STEMI. Vis J Emerg Med. 2022 Oct 1;29:101506.

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Caturegli G, Kapoor S, Ponomarev V, Kim BS, Whitman G, Ziai W, Cho SM, on behalf of the HERALD group. Transcranial doppler microemboli and acute brain injury in ECMO: a prospective observational study. JTCVS Tech. 2022 Aug 19. Online ahead of print.

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October 2022

Grants Received

Mel Pavelack, DO received an NYU CEHRT (Children’s Environmental Health Research Translation) Collaborative Center Pilot Program $40,000 grant to create and study a climate and health curriculum for Baltimore City/County schools.

Accomplishments and Honors

Mary Beth Brady, MD FASE presented with Rani Hasan MD MHS (JHU Interventional Cardiologist) at a recent International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS) webinar. The topic was “Structural Heart Procedures – What are they? Why are they so popular? Should I even care?” Per the data, attendance across the nation was unmatched in comparison to previous webinars.

Steve Frank, MD presented two lectures at the Society for Advancement of Blood Management (SABM) in Las Vegas: “Leveraging Technology to Improve Care Delivery and Adherence to the Principles of Patient Blood Management: The Johns Hopkins Experience” and “Top 10 Publications of the Year in Patient Blood Management.”

Steve Frank, MD presented “Moving from Volume to Value: Appropriate Treatments and Procedures – Transfusions” at the High Value Practice Academic Alliance (HVPAA) Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.

Nicola Heller, PhD was invited to serve as a NIH Grant Reviewer on the Recurring Special Emphasis Panel “Hypersensitivity, Allergies and Mucosal Immunology (HAMI) (ZRG1 IDIB 57), November 8-9, 2022.

Soo-Ok Kim, CRNA was nominated for the Daisy Award from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Office of Academic Affairs.

Katie O’Conor, MD presented the invited seminar “Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence” for the Johns Hopkins Medicine for the Greater Good / CRL Ministries Partnership.

Katie O’Conor, MD presented the invited lecture “Medical Response to Human Trafficking Survivors” at the Maryland Human Trafficking Professionals Seminar.

Robert Stevens, MD FCCM has received a secondary appointment as an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

Robert Stevens, MD FCCM was an invited speaker at the 2022 European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Lives Annual Meeting in Paris, presenting “Noninvasive Respiratory Support In Brain-Injured Patients,” and “Accelerometry to Evaluate Motor Function in Brain Injury.”

Robert Stevens, MD FCCM was an invited speaker at the 2022 European Association of Neurosurgical Societies Annual Meeting in Belgrade, presenting “Strategies for Mechanical Ventilation in Traumatic Brain Injury.”

Robert Stevens, MD FCCM was an invited speaker at the 2022 Neurocritical Care Society Annual Meeting in San Antonio, presenting “Enhancing Rigor and Reproducibility for Publishing in AI.”

M-Irfan Suleman, MBBS was an Invited Grand Rounds Speaker, presenting “Beyond Opioids, Chronic Pain Management in Children and Adolescents,” at Holy Cross Hospital in Bethesda MD in September.

M-Irfan Suleman, MBBS was an Invited Grand Rounds Speaker, presenting “Beyond Opioids, Chronic Pain Management in Children and Adolescents,” at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock AR in October. 

M-Irfan Suleman, MBBS was Invited Faculty, leading the session, “Ultrasound-Guided Basic Regional Anesthesia Workshop,” and participating on the “Panel Discussion, Pediatric Chronic Pain,” at the Asian Society of Pediatric Anesthesia Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey in October. 

Ben Waldbaum, CRNA received the Daisy Award from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Office of Academic Affairs.

Mira Yaache, MBA, MHA presented the webinar “Aggressive Recruitment Strategies in an Ultra Competitive Market” to the National Association of Health Services Executives.

Mira Yaache, MBA, MHA was selected for the Johns Hopkins Medicine Levi Watkins Jr. Mentorship Program.

Articles Published

Clinical Research

Goeddel LA, Grant MC. Preoperative evaluation and cardiac risk assessment in vascular surgery. Anesthesiol Clin. Online ahead of print. 2022 Sep 27.

Goeddel LA, Murphy Z, Owodunni O, Esfandiary T, Campbell D, Shay J, Tang O, Bandeen-Roche K, Gearhart S, Brown CH. Domains of frailty predict loss of independence in older adults after non-cardiac surgery. Ann Surg. Online ahead of print. 2022 Sep 20. Supported by the CRC.

Humayun M, Premraj L, Shah V, Cho SM. Mechanical ventilation in acute brain injury patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Front Med (Lausanne). 2022;9:999885.

Jolly T, Vadukapuram R, Trivedi C, Mansuri Z, Adnan M, Cohen SP, Vu TN. Risk of suicide in patients with major depressive disorder and comorbid chronic pain disorder: an insight from National Inpatient Sample data. Pain Physician. 2022 Sep;25(6):419-425. .

Kondziella D, Amiri M, Othman MH, Beghi E, Bodien YG, Citerio G, Giacino JT, Mayer SA, Lawson TN, Menon DK, Rass V, Sharshar T, Stevens RD, Tinti L, Vespa P, McNett M, Venkatasubba Rao CP, Helbok R; Curing Coma Campaign Collaborators. Incidence and prevalence of coma in the UK and the USA. Brain Commun. 2022 Sep 1;4(5):fcac188.

Shander A, Corwin HL, Meier J, Auerbach M, Bisbe E, Blitz J, Erhard J, Faraoni D, Farmer S, Frank SM, Girelli D, Hall T, Hardy JF, Hofmann A, Lee CK, Leung TW, Ozawa S, Sathar J, Spahn DR, Torres R, Warner MA, Muñoz M. Recommendations from the International Consensus Conference on Anemia Management in Surgical Patients (ICCAMS). Ann Surg. Online ahead of print. 2022 Sep 21.

Shou BL, Wilcox C, Florissi I, Kalra A, Caturegli G, Zhang LQ, Bush E, Kim B, Keller SP, Whitman GJR, Cho SM, HERALD Investigators. Early low pulse pressure in VA-ECMO is associated with acute brain injury.Neurocrit Care. Online ahead of print. 2022 Sep 27.

Taran S, Cho SM, Stevens RD. Mechanical Ventilation in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury: Is it so Different? Neurocrit Care. Online ahead of print. 2022 Sep 7.

Yang M, Ariyo P, Perlstein B, Latif A, Frank SM, Merritt WT, Cameron AM, Philosophe B, Gottschalk A, Pustavoitau A. Prophylactic recombinant factor VIIa for preventing massive transfusion during orthotopic liver transplantation. Exp Clin Transplant. 2022 Sep;20(9):817-825.

Zhang LQ, Zaikos TD, Kannapadi N, Laws L, Shah P, Troncoso JC, Stephens RS, Nyquist P, Cho SM. Neuropathology associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome: an autopsy study. Ann Am Thorac Soc. Online ahead of print. 2022 Oct 3.


Akca O, Bartels K, Pittet JF, Berkowitz DE, Nemergut E 2nd. It is time to advance academic anesthesia for early career faculty. Anesth Analg. 2022 Oct 1;135(4):725-727.