Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the 14th round of ACCM StAAR Grants! We look forward to hearing updates from award recipients as their research progresses. A big thank you to Dr. Adam Sapirstein for his unwavering support of ACCM Research, and to our reviewers and study section members for their time, and fair and thoughtful assessments. Grant applications are due October 16th for the 15th round of ACCM StAAR Grants.

Principal Investigator Proposal Title Proposal Type
Bauer, Maria The role of lysyl oxidase like 2 in dysregulated unfolded protein response in HFpEF StAAR Mentored Training Award
Rosenblatt, Kathryn Defining Cerebral Autoregulation-Guided Therapeutic Targets in Sepsis StAAR Investigator Award
Han, Xiaoning Chronic sleep deprivation-induced immune cell infiltration to the brain increases microglial phagocytosis JHM Core Utilization Award
Lester, Laeben Sonic IV: Photoacoustic needle with beacon pulse for ultrasound guided vascular access with tool tip tracking Transformative Award
Koehler, Raymond Development of a Decision Algorithm for Photoacoustic Monitoring of the Fetus at Risk of Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy StAAR Investigator Award
Scafidi, Susanna Effect of intra-nasal HB-EGF treatment on brain glucose metabolism after traumatic brain injury in the developing brain StAAR Investigator Award
Stevens, Robert Development of an artificial intelligence system for phenotyping of patients with ischemic stroke Transformative Award