Grants Received

Robert D. Stevens, MD was awarded a grant from the Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science (IDIES) Seed Funding Program (SFP) for the development of an artificial intelligence system for phenotyping of patients with acute stroke in collaboration with Professor Rama Chellappa, PhD.

Accomplishments and Honors

Mary Beth Brady, MD FASE was appointed vice chair of the American Society of Anesthesiology Educational Track Subcommittee on Cardiac Anesthesia for the 2023 governance year. This subcommittee organizes and executes educational components of the annual ASA meeting.

Katie Bupp, MD was inducted into the Distinguished Teaching Society of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (DTS).

Philip Carullo, MD was featured on The DocTalk Podcast discussing careers in pediatric anesthesiology.

Philip Carullo, MD, Rashmi Prasad, MBBS, MD, Hassan Rayaz, MD, Jed Wolpaw, MD, Med, Tricia Vecchione, MD, MPH, and M-Irfan Suleman, MD FAAP FASA led the Johns Hopkins Ultrasound-Guided Basic Regional Anesthesia Workshop for Residents and Fellows at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Sung-Min Cho, DO, MHS presented three invited lectures at the Panama International Critical Care Congress in April: Neurological Complications in COVID- 19 Patients With ECMO Support, Multimodality Monitoring in Neurocritical Care, and Neurocritical Care of ECMO.

Lee Goeddel, MD, MPH presented the lecture, “Can Preoperative Echocardiography Advance Precision Perioperative Care?” at an Invited Grand Rounds at the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine, Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, Harvard University. Dr. Goeddel also presented the lecture, “Can Preoperative Echocardiography and Frailty Assessment Advance Precision Perioperative Care?” at an Invited Grand Rounds at the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital.

Anita Gupta, DO, MPP, PharmD, was interviewed for the article “Rare and preventable: painful post vaccination shoulder problems” in Medscape.

Adam Laytin, MD, MPH, presented an abstract at the Society for Critical Care Medicine entitled “Utilizing an Ethiopian ICU Registry to Identify Opportunities for Quality Improvement.” Dr. Laytin also presented an invited lecture in Ethiopia at a national meeting on global surgery and acute care hosted by Debre Berhan University entitled “Global Perspectives on Acute, Emergency and Critical Care.”

Jennifer Lee (Lee-Summers), MD was appointed Senior Associate Dean for the Office of Women in Science and Medicine.

Kara Segna, MD was accepted as dual faculty into the Colleges Advisory Program in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Segna will be mentoring and teaching 25 students throughout their four-year program and participate in their major academic milestones.

Eellan Sivanesan, MD, presented a lecture to the T32 Program in Interdisciplinary Pain Research, Department of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University and a lecture to the Cancer Immunology Program, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine on spinal cord stimulation (SCS), chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), and enhanced chemoefficacy in non-small cell lung cancer. Dr. Sivanesan also presented a lecture to the University of Minnesota Pain Interest Group (UMN-PIG) on clinical translation of SCS for CIPN. Additionally, Dr. Sivanesan was quoted in an NBC News commentary on spinal cord stimulation for paralysis and was selected to join the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of The Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA).

Robert D. Stevens, MD will be a speaker at the International Hypothermia and Temperature Management Symposium (IHTMS) in Eindoven, Netherlands, June 16-17, 2022 and a speaker at the Neuroscience in Intensive Care International Symposium (NICIS) in Paris, France, June 30-July 1, 2022.

M-Irfan Suleman, MD FAAP FASA presented an Invited Virtual Grand Rounds lecture on “Non-narcotic Treatment of Chronic Pain in Children and Adolescents” at Shady Grove Adventist Medical Center, Rockville, Maryland in April. Dr. Suleman was also featured in a Johns Hopkins Medicine article “’He Gave Me Back My Life.’”

Philip Sun, MD, MS presented the abstract “Association between Stereotactic Thrombolysis with Alteplase for Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Intraventricular Hematoma Volume: A Secondary Analysis of the MISTIE-III Trial” (Mentor, Wendy Ziai, MD) as an oral presentation at the 2022 ESOC (European Stroke Organization Conference) in Lyon, France.

Oleg Turkot, MD will be presenting on Ukrainian relief efforts at the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology Annual Meeting this month.

Jed Wolpaw, MD, MEd presented at Grand Rounds at Allegheny Health Network on “Reimagining Residency: What Should Training Look Like for Today’s Adult Learners?”

Articles Published

Basic and Translational Research

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Clinical Research

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Clinical Medicine – Book Chapters

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Quality Improvement

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Health Equity & Population Health

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