The annual U.S. News & World Report Best Medical Schools: Research rankings for 2023 were announced today, and the list reaffirmed that the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is one of the best in the country. The school of medicine is ranked #3 out of more than 100 research-oriented medical schools in the nation. 


Seven of our specialty programs, which are ranked by peer review, are in the top 10 this year, with six in the top five:


#1 – Internal Medicine

#1 – Radiology 

#1 – Surgery 

#2 – Anesthesiology

#3 – Psychiatry 

#4 – Pediatrics 

#6 – Obstetrics and Gynecology 


We are also honored that our peers ranked us #1 in reputation among all institutions in the country. Our medical students were recognized as having some of the highest academic credentials, including grade point averages and Medical College Admission Test scores. 


Additionally, U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 Best Graduate Schools list ranked programs affiliated with the school of medicine within the top 10 for these areas:


#1 – Biomedical Engineering 

#3 – Molecular Biology, tied with CalTech and Stanford

#4 – Cell Biology

#4 – Neuroscience, tied with UCSF

#5 – Immunology

#6 – Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, tied with Baylor and Yale

#8 – Biochemistry, Biophysics, Structural Biology


We also congratulate our colleagues across Johns Hopkins: Both the school of nursing and the school of public health are ranked #1 this year, while the school of education is ranked #14 and the Whiting School of Engineering is ranked #16. 


Since our beginnings more than a century ago, faculty and staff members at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have endeavored to provide training and education of the highest quality to the next generation of medical students, graduate students, residents and postdoctoral fellows. This will continue to be our top priority. 


All the medical schools on this year’s list are of high caliber, and it is a privilege to be in their company.