Congratulations as our own Charles Brown IV, MD was awarded an R01 grant from the NIH for his study titled “Cerebral Autoregulation in the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit: Associations with Postoperative Delirium, Cognitive Change, and Biomarkers of Brain Injury.” This study will provide important mechanistic understanding of cerebrovascular contributions to postoperative cognitive change that may provide insights into delirium, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD). Specifically, this study will examine the associations of (1) mean arterial pressure outside the limits of cerebral autoregulation and (2) impaired autoregulation in the cardiac surgery intensive care unit with both postoperative delirium and postoperative cognitive change at 1- and 12- months after surgery, and will also examine blood biomarkers of brain injury. The results of this study will provide important information on how to personalize control of blood pressure after cardiac surgery to reduce postoperative delirium and cognitive decline and may provide preliminary data for a future trial to prevent delirium and cognitive change using these methods.