Grants Received

Lew Romer, MD, is PI on a recently awarded a UG3 grant from NHLBI entitled “Kids MoD PAH.”

Accomplishments and Honors

At the recently held 19th Annual Meeting of the Neurocritical Care Society (NCS), Drs. Wendy Ziai, Paul Nyquist, Vishank Shah, and Jose I. Suarez each received a Presidential Citation Award for their ongoing contributions to the NCS.

Lourdes Carhuapoma, NP, and Jose I Suarez, MD, were awarded the “Top 25” reviewer citation given annually by the Editor-in-Chief of Neurocritical Care, the official journal of the NCS.

Salia Farrokh, PharmD, was inducted as a Fellow of the Neurocritical Care Society.

Anjali Garg, MD, and Jessica LaRosa, MD, presented their research at the 10th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference on November 4th. Dr. Garg’s abstract was titled “Examination of social determinants of health in pediatric rehabilitation” and Dr. LaRosa’s abstract was titled “Evaluation of a simulation curriculum to improve frequency and safety of nursing-led early physical rehabilitation of critically ill children.”

Romer Geocadin, MD, co-chaired the session on the NCS/AHA Consensus Statement on Critical Care Management of Cardiac Arrest Survivors at the NCS annual meeting.

Ivan George and Michael Phelps, MD, had companion articles published in the October special edition of Anesthesiology News in the Reviews section. One was “Anesthesia support personnel and the anesthesia technologist,” by Ivan George, Kevin Witcher, Keith Terry, and Joshua A.M. George, and the other was “A physician’s perspective on the use of advanced anesthesia support staff,” by Michael Phelps.

Nadia Hensley, MD, was nominated to the Annals of Thoracic Surgery Editorial Board in the role of CME Associate Editor for Anesthesia.

Roger Johns, MD, PhD, was installed as Chairman of the Board for the Foundation of Anesthesiology Education and Research.

Amanda Levine, MD, was named a 2021 Top Doctor in pediatric critical care by Baltimore magazine.

Hannah Lonsdale, MBChB, presented on the use of machine learning for prediction of pediatric perioperative outcomes and participated in a panel at the Texas Children’s Hospital Symposium on AI in Health Care.

Lynette Mark, MD, was quoted in a Johns Hopkins Hub article about a class offered by the Master of Science in Engineering Management program and facilitated by the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research in which teams of students carry out 8-week projects designed to improve safety and efficiency of hospital care. Dr. Mark submitted a project proposal in 2015, the first year that the class was offered. She says that the recommendations made by the students have been implemented at Johns Hopkins and served as a model for peer institutions.

Rohan Mathur, MD, Vishank Shah, MBBS, and Sarah Nelson, MD, presented posters and oral presentations at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Neurocritical Care Society.

Corina Noje, MD, co-moderated the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Transport Medicine Scientific Meeting, which was held virtually on October 10, 2021. Dr. Noje’s team was very successful at the meeting. Nabila Chowdhury (PEM fellow) received one of two Trainee Grant Awards for her proposal, “More Than Words: Language Patterns Indicative of Unrecognized Shock During Pediatric Interhospital Transfer.” Anna Grindy, MD, a PICU fellow, gave an oral abstract presentation titled “Pediatric Cardiac Arrest: A Story of Hypothermia, Transport, and 300 Minutes of CPR.” And Maera Stratton, Natallia Philpott, and David Philpott (current and former Pediatric residents) were awarded the Best In-Training Award for the their presentation titled “Association Between Treatment Guideline Adherence Pre-Transfer and Patient Disposition in Children Transported for Status Epilepticus.”

Paul Nyquist, MD, MPH, was officially named first president of the newly formed Neurocritical Care Foundation at the recent annual meeting of the NCS.

Srinivasa Raja, MD, was appointed as a member of the search committee for the next Editor in Chief of the journal PAIN.

Kate Rosenblatt, MD, MHS, is an organizing committee member and will be giving a keynote presentation titled “Cerebral Autoregulation-guided Therapeutic Targets in Sepsis” for the 2021 World Critical Care and Anesthesiology Conference on November 20 (virtual). She also assisted virtually in the instruction of the Airway Workshop at the Neurocritical Care Society’s 19th Annual Meeting on October 26.

Eellan Sivanesan, MD, was appointed to the editorial board of Pain Medicine (Neuromodulation & Minimally Invasive Surgery Section).

Jose Suarez, MD, and Wendy Ziai, MD, became board members of the newly formed Neurocritical Care Foundation at the recent annual meeting of the NCS.

M-Irfan Suleman, MD, was Activity Director at the Third Annual VIRTUAL Conference on Management of Chronic Pain in Children & Adolescents, which was held jointly by the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University.

M-Irfan Suleman, MD, was named a 2021 Top Doctor in pediatric anesthesia by Baltimore magazine.

Robert Stevens, MD, and Sarah Nelson, MD, presented on neuroimaging in subarachnoid hemorrhage at the NCS annual meeting.

Robert Stevens, MD, was a speaker at the NCS Annual Meeting, where he presented “The Promises of Computational Neuroimaging.” He also gave Grand Rounds at Houston Methodist/Weill Cornell Medical College on “Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and the Transformation of Intensive Care Medicine.” In November he will give a talk at the American Neurological Association Annual Meeting titled “Beyond the Neurological Exam: Endotyping Coma for Prognosis and Intervention.”

Jed Wolpaw, MD, M.Ed, was chosen as president-elect of the Association of Anesthesiology Core Program Directors (AACPD), a group that represents all 150+ residency programs and program directors in the country.

Jed Wolpaw, MD, M.Ed, gave a virtual talk to the Portuguese Society of Anesthesiologists called “Shock and Acidosis” at their annual conference in Lisbon.

Wendy Ziai, MD, presented the best scientific awards, co-chaired the Clinical Trials Section, and was a panelist at the session on International Challenges to Curing Coma at the NCS annual meeting.

Articles Published

Basic and Translational Research

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Clinical Research

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Quality Improvement

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Books and Book Chapters

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