Grants Received

Giovanni Cucchiaro, MD, was chosen for funding by the JHAC Foundation Board of Trustee’s Grants Committee for his grant application titled “Evaluation of Hemostasis in Children with Neuromuscular Scoliosis Undergoing a Posterior Spine Fusion Operation.” Dr. Cucchiaro will receive $100,699 over 2 years to fund his project.

Accomplishments and Honors

Kelly Cole, MS, CPNP, AC-PC, was awarded the Miller Coulson Nurse Practitioner Clinical Excellence Award for exemplifying a level of mastery in six critical areas related to patient care. She was inducted into the Miller Coulson Academy earlier this month.

Clara Erice, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Liz Tucker, recently was awarded the “Women in Molecular Imaging Network Scholar Award” and a “Student Travel Award” by the World Molecular Imaging Congress for her abstract titled “Multi-tracer PET/CT to Monitor Response to Host-directed Therapy in a Rabbit Model of TB Meningitis.”

Megan Freund, MHA, Professional Fee Coding Specialist II, earned a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree with a 4.0 GPA.

Anita Gupta, DO, MPP, PharmD, published a perspective article in Healio titled “Mandatory drug monitoring program decreases postoperative opioid prescriptions.”

Anita Gupta, DO, MPP, PharmD, contributed to the deliberations of the Opioids and Behavioral Health Committee convened by the National Quality Forum (NQF) on combatting opioid and substance use disorder. Information about the report can be found on the NQF website.

Corina Noje, MD, gave pediatric grand rounds in person at Mercy Hospital. The title of her talk was “Transport of Children with Cardiac Arrest: A Practical and Ethical Dilemma.”

Jochen Steppan, MD, DESA, FAHA, was invited to become a member of the Association of Cardiac Anesthesiologists.

Jochen Steppan, MD, DESA, FAHA, gave grand rounds at Stanford University via Zoom. The title of the talk was “Pulmonary Hypertension: How a Vasculopathy Changes Clinical Management.”

Robert Stevens, MD, FCCM, will serve as co-chair of the National Capital Area TBI Research Symposium for the next 3 years.

M-Irfan Suleman, MD, FAPA, FASA, presented a clinical skills workshop on ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia at the ASA meeting. He has also been invited to speak at Virtual PainCon 2021, hosted by the Pakistan Society of Treatment and Study of Pain in collaboration with the Aga Khan University, and at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s 68th annual meeting.

Nathan Wright, MD, gave grand rounds on targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest for a multidisciplinary critical care audience at the Medical College of Georgia.

Articles Published

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Clinical Research

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Quality Improvement

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