The editorial board of the ASA Monitor invited Dr. Irfan Suleman to write an article for its May issue, a special edition on pediatric pain. Two of his articles have been featured in the issue:

Suleman MI, Torbey S, Slifer K. A multidisciplinary approach is the only successful treatment for pediatric chronic pain. ASA Monitor. 2021;85:24-25.

Torbey S, Rached G, Fiani D, Suleman MI. Psychiatric considerations in pediatric chronic pain. ASA Monitor. 2021;85:25-26.

Dr. Suleman is the founding Medical Director of the Multidisciplinary Pediatric Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program for the Johns Hopkins and Kennedy Krieger Institute partnership. His focus is on providing innovative, non-narcotic treatment to children with chronic pain. His multidisciplinary team includes a pain physician, child psychiatrist, behavior psychologist, nurse practitioner, social worker, and nurse. The team conducts a comprehensive evaluation at the patient’s first visit and discusses treatment plans with the patient and family. This clinic cares for more than 500 patients annually from within and outside of Maryland. This unique program helps children to return quickly to their normal lives.