Ms. Wailin Lau, received the third annual 2020 Olive Berger Award, recognized for Clinical Excellence and Leadership. Ms. Lau, a seasoned and highly experienced CRNA, has demonstrated both clinical excellence and outstanding leadership.

Ms. Lau is an exceptional Lead for our CRNA Division. She keeps her workgroup well informed and is an awesome resource. Lin is always available and gives her time freely in efforts to properly orient new members to the EP cohort. She frequently comes in on her day off to orient new staff to the jet ventilator. She is a straight forward communicator and you always know where you stand with her. Lin has been a great liaison bridging the gap between EP staff, CRNAs, and Anesthesia Faculty on the fifth floor. Lin provides constructive feedback to CRNAs of their performance and nurtures her team into solid and responsible CRNAs. She encourages participation in educational lectures and personal projects for professional growth. Lin even looks out for our personal health and wellness as she genuinely wants her team to be successful both professionally and personally. The way she relentlessly looks out, cares, encourages, guides, educates and respects us is really an exemplary model of leadership.