What We Do:

The Pediatric Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine Division of ACCM strives to put children and their families at ease while providing the highest level of expert care in the operating rooms and pediatric intensive care unit at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Our Pediatric Anesthesiologists have all received specialty training in the anesthetic care of children and are dedicated to helping families feel comfortable with their child’s specific anesthetic care plan. The Pediatric Anesthesia Division also provides pediatric pain services to inpatient units throughout the hospital.

Pediatric Airway Management

One of the critical roles of pediatric anesthesiologists is to evaluate and manage a child’s airway to ensure safe care and reduce the likelihood of complications. The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Anesthesia Division is leading the way in pediatric airway management with the formation of the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Difficult Airway Program (PDAP) that consists of a Pediatric Difficult Airway Response Team (PDART) and Pediatric Difficult Airway Consultation Service (PDACS). Pediatric airway issues are often predictable and manageable when identified early. All inpatients at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Children’s Center are screened using the team’s Pediatric Difficult Airway Screening Form that further triggers the Difficult Airway Consult Service to begin airway management planning. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of airway emergencies and complications throughout the patient’s hospital stay which may include surgical and intensive care. In case of an airway emergency, the Pediatric Difficult Airway Response Team (PDART) will respond.