Sapna Kudchadkar, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Anesthesia

Assistant Professor

Sapna Kudchadkar is an attending physician in both the PICU and operating room. She is currently the director of PICU clinical research. In that role, she facilitates and supervises investigator-initiated studies and oversees sponsored projects in multi-centered studies. She is also working to increase the PICU’s involvement with international multi-centered studies. One of her major initiatives in the PICU has been early mobilization. With Beth Wieczorek, she created PICU Up!, an initiative designed to decrease sedation, decrease delirium, and increase activity in critically ill children.

The primary focus of Dr. Kudchadkar’s research is sleep in critically ill children. Specifically, she studies the interplay of sleep, sedation, and delirium. Sleep is very important for everyone, especially for children and the developing brain. She believes that optimizing night-time sleep will make the PICU more comfortable for the children. However, sedation interferes with healthy sleep patterns. Keeping children awake and active during the day will help them to sleep better at night. Moreover, because of the restorative value of sleep, it is likely that promoting sleep will ultimately improve patient outcomes. She hopes to make sleep promotion a priority in critical illness—to create a real paradigm shift in which ensuring good sleep patterns becomes the standard of care.

Dr. Kudchadkar obtained her undergraduate degree at the Washington University in St. Louis and then attended medical school at the University of Chicago. She completed residencies in Pediatrics (2006) and Anesthesiology (2009) and a dual fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Anesthesiology (2011).