What We Do:

Brain injuries and neurological disorders are can be life threatening, disabling, and extremely challenging to manage. The Neurosciences Critical Care Unit (NCCU) providers specialize in post-operative neurosurgical care to neurologically complex patients such as those with stroke, brain tumors, and nerve and muscle diseases. The patient population of the NCCU requires care providers to interface between the brain and other vital organ systems. The Neurosciences Critical Care Division physicians are experts in this field and place the family and patient experience and communication at the forefront of their work.

Defined Communication Processes in NCCU Keeps Patients and Families Informed

One of the most challenging aspects of care in an intensive setting is the constant communication that needs to occur between specialists, bedside caregivers, families and patients. The Neurosciences Critical Care Unit has adopted a proactive approach to ensure that all members of the caregiver team effectively update and create an open environment for questions and conversations for patients and families. To help facilitate this environment, the NCCU recommends that each patient’s family designates a spokesperson with whom the team primarily communicates with during the patient’s stay to ensure a clear channel of communication to the family. The family spokesperson is encouraged to contact the care team day or night with questions and clarifications. In addition, the NCCU at Johns Hopkins provides a list of questions that the family spokesperson may want to ask to help them stay informed on the patients’ progress. The NCCU also contains private patient rooms that allow one family member or caregiver to stay with their loved one overnight and a dedicated family lounge area with food and drink amenities. While the intensive care setting can be daunting for families, the NCCU at Johns Hopkins’ proactive communication strategies ensures that families feel comfortable and confident in the expert care their family members are receiving during their stay.

Neurosciences Critical Care Unit Inpatient Guide