Intravenous Infusion Control Options for Low Resource Environments

Led by Dr. Kemi Tomobi MD MEHP (Co-Investigator), Dr. John B. Sampson (PI)

In low resource environments, often even in large cities, IV infusion devices are expensive and rarely accessible which results in challenges to the management of emergency situations, inpatient settings and natural disasters.

This study compares several low-cost devices to conventional methods of running an IV infusion so that we identify the best option in a cost-effective qualitative manner that can help meet the IV infusion challenges in places across the globe that have limited capital resources.

Project Team Members

  • Samantha Avoian ( UT Southwestern, medical student)
  • Gabrielle Davis (Howard University, medical student)

Improving Communication Between the Anesthesiology Provider and the Patient

Led by Dr. Kemi Tomobi MD MEHP (Co-Investigator), Dr. John B. Sampson (PI)


  • Ozan Akça MD FCCM
  • Adam Schiavi MD PhD MS
  • Tina Tran MD

This is a three-phase multicenter examination of the routine pre-operative interaction between the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist and the patient with the objective of identifying opportunities for improvement in communication, patient autonomy and professionalism.

Previous Global Health Projects

National Training of Sierra Leone Physicians and Nurses for Management of Critically Ill COVID Patients

April-July 2020. Three month project involving training of Sierra Leone physicians and nurses on how to approach critical care medicine and ventilator management for patients at the Sierra Leone’s national COVID Center. Tele-education medical simulation training exercises were conducted each weekend. Trainees came from across the entire country of Sierra Leone.

Press coverage

Project Team Members

  • John B. Sampson MD
  • Michael Banks MD MEHP
  • Byron Edmond MD
  • Christelle Samen MD
  • Adam Layton MD
  • Promise Ariyo MD
  • Kemi Tomobi MD MEHP

Critical Care Telementoring at the Sierra Leone National COVID Center

Grant by the Queens Leadership Foundation (UK) for critical care telementoring.
Members of JHU-GAPP conducted telementoring clinical and educational rounds with physicians and nurses in Freetown, Sierra Leone each weekday for one month.

Project Team Members

  • John B. Sampson MD
  • Howard Nelson-Williams MD MPH
  • Michael Banks MD MEHP
  • Sam Wilson MD
  • Ify Ekwere MD

GAPP Training and Student Research Trip to Sierra Leone 2018

  1. Conducted two consecutive Society of Critical Care Medicine – Fundamental Critical Care Support Courses with enhanced training on ICU mechanical ventilation.  This course was directed toward physicians and nurses involved with intensive care.
  2. Conducted a two-week long simulation-based training program on mechanical ventilation in the operating room for nurse anesthetists.
  3. Medical student, undergraduate, and school of education student-led projects sponsored by the Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, Johns Hopkins Center of Global Health, Eniware LLC and Gradian Health LLC.