Class of 2025

Phillip Cohen

Hometown: Washington DC Undergraduate:  Yale University Medical School:  University of Pennsylvania Residency:  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Interests: Access to essential medicines, post-arrest care, global health Why Johns Hopkins? It was clear from interview day that the fellowship program is thoughtfully organized to balance clinical training, research breadth/depth, and education. Baltimore is a city with rich history and civic pride, which makes it a lot of fun to call one’s home.  Hopkins has a multitude of opportunities that can help maximize the fellowship experience.

Victoria Huang

Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University Medical School: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Residency: Johns Hopkins Harriet Lane Pediatric Residency Program Research Interests: Clinical informatics, predictive analytics Why Johns Hopkins?: The people – from nursing staff to faculty, and everyone in between! I’m so fortunate that this great group has shaped how I’ve “grown up” in this institution. I also appreciate the program’s dedication to finding the right balance of patient care responsibilities and learning. A schedule without 24hr call shifts is an added bonus!

Kristen Joseph

Hometown: Oviedo, Florida Undergraduate: University of Miami (Go Canes!) Medical School: Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Residency: Lurie Children’s Hospital Research Interests: Global health with a focus on respiratory diseases and management Why Johns Hopkins? The opportunity to fully integrate my PICU and global health training, meeting great people on the interview day, robust clinical experience, and a very cute niece and nephew in the Baltimore area.

Emily Kemper

Hometown: Boston, MA Undergraduate: University of Chicago Medical School: Boston University Residency: UW/Seattle Children’s Research Interests: Health Equity, Communication, and Medical Education Why Johns Hopkins? I met so many great people on my interview day, and I was so impressed by the way fellows interacted both with each other and with faculty. At conference, there was such a feeling of comraderie and fun (that came through even on a zoom screen!), but also a focus on evidence based medicine and physiology, which comes together for a really great learning environment. Our education is so purposeful and thought out, plus the research opportunities and support are second to none! Finding all that in a fellow-driven unit with lots of autonomy was a perfect fit!

Anisha Nadkarni

Hometown: St. Louis, MO Undergraduate: Northwestern University Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine Residency: Johns Hopkins University Research Interests: A little bit of everything…still working on narrowing it down 🙂 Why Johns Hopkins?: Definitely the people!! I also love that there are so many opportunities for research, global health, education, etc. I appreciate how much effort is put into a thoughtful education curriculum so we get a good foundation to build our clinical training on. Finally, the program is open to different training paths – as someone doing dual training in PICU and pediatric anesthesiology, it feels great to not only be accepted, but supported in that path.

Class of 2024

Camille Anderson, MD

Hometown: Olympia, WA Undergraduate: University of Washington Medical School: Hofstra/Northwell Residency: Johns Hopkins University Research Interests: Medical student/resident education and TBD! Why Johns Hopkins? I stayed at Hopkins for the autonomy, involvement in patient transports, and the breadth of diagnoses we see. We have an incredible PICU where we care for the most high-acuity patients in a very large geographic area.

Ashley Bedner, DO

Hometown: Fairfax, VA Undergraduate: James Madison University Medical School: Kansas City University COM Residency: University of Florida/Orlando Research Interests: Simulation, Shock Why Johns Hopkins? Hopkins provides an excellent training environment which is created by attendings who are supportive, dedicated to teaching, and many of whom are world-renowned in their research fields. The unit is fellow-run which ensures procedural opportunities and autonomy. I was attracted to the high acuity of the unit and continuous exposure to cardiac patients.

Jeff Bolstridge, DO

Hometown: Southborough, MA Undergraduate: Lafayette College Medical School: Philadelphia COM Residency: Brooke Army Medical Center Research Interests: Trauma, Simulation Why Johns Hopkins? This program values fellow education and autonomy and has a very welcoming atmosphere. There are amazing clinical opportunities to include transport and trauma.

Chris Donohue, MD

Hometown: Baltimore, MD Undergraduate: University of Maryland Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine Residency: Johns Hopkins University Research Interests: Medical Education, Simulation, Airway, CPR Why Johns Hopkins? Baltimore is my home, and I’m lucky to have this venerable institution in my backyard. Everyone here is easy to get along with, eager to teach, and dedicated to our patients and community. I have the opportunity to collaborate with experts in my fields of interest across multiple departments, and with world-class resources at my fingertips.

Matt DiGiusto, MD

Hometown: Fayetteville, GA Undergraduate: University of Mississippi Medical School: The Ohio State Residency: Johns Hopkins University Research Interests: Blood product utilization, intraoperative care effects on postoperative outcomes, and medical education Why Johns Hopkins? The people! As a resident at Hopkins, I realized very quickly that the PICU here is filled with the most amazing attendings, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, ECMO specialists, etc. and I learned from all of them daily. I wanted to continue my education with such an amazing, supportive, and educational group of individuals. Additionally, I like that all ECMO (even neonatal) is managed in the PICU creating a broader learning experience. I prefer the educational schedule and that there are no 24-hour shifts. Finally, Hopkins has the largest cohort of dual-trained pediatric anesthesiologist-intensivists in the country and having that unique mentorship was important to me.

Ellen Pittman, MD

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH Undergraduate: Dartmouth Medical School: University of Cincinnati Residency: Cincinnati Children’s Research Interests: Advocacy, Patient Safety, QI Why Johns Hopkins? Hopkins has a great mix of quality clinical experiences in a fellow-run unit, a plethora of resources for meaningful research opportunities in my areas of interest, and inspiring people that make me feel welcome (even during virtual interviews!) and appreciated.

Alexis Thompson, MD

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT Undergraduate: University of Connecticut Medical School: University of Connecticut Residency: Brown/Hasbro Children’s Research Interests: Advocacy, Health Disparities and TBD! Why Johns Hopkins? Really enjoyed talking to all of the faculty and fellows during my interview day. Hopkins has broad clinical exposure including transplant patients and dedicated CICU with  awesome research opportunities and support.

Class of 2023

Jim Beal, DO

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Undergraduate: Drexel University Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Residency: St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Research Interests: Simulation, medical education, and ECMO Why Johns Hopkins? Felt like it was the best fit for the culture I wanted in a PICU fellowship program. Extremely strong emphasis on fellow autonomy and education. Leadership which truly advocates for fellows and so many resources and opportunities for research.

Anjali Garg, MD

Hometown: Wyandotte/Farmington Hills, MI Undergraduate: University of Michigan (Go Blue!) Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Residency: Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital Research Interests: Social and health disparities/trauma related outcomes in the PICU Why Johns Hopkins? Great clinical experience, amazing research opportunities, and wonderful people!

Anna Grindy, MD

Hometown: Decatur, Illinois Undergraduate: Trinity College Medical School: Southern Illinois University Residency: Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Research Interests: TBD! Why Johns Hopkins? The people in this program are incredible, which was evident to me from my first day on a visiting rotation. There is a true culture of collaboration and teamwork within the fellowship program, across specialities, and among disciplines. I knew that JH would provide me with exceptional clinical experiences, scholarly opportunities, and the skills to be a lifelong leader and learner.

Katie Macmillan, MD

Hometown: Evansville, IN Undergraduate: University of South Carolina Medical School: East Tennessee State University: Quillen Residency: Prisma Health in Columbia SC Research Interests: Resident education, SIM, community outreach for safety and prevention Why Johns Hopkins? I did an away rotation at Hopkins during residency and fell in love with the people! All of the members of the ICU team are continually finding ways to improve the unit, patient experience, and create a welcoming environment for the team members. The use of interdisciplinary rounds gives respect to all the different members who take care of patients. Since starting fellowship, I have been supported with any questions or concerns that I’ve had. Compared to other interviews I had been on, Johns Hopkins provides the most fellow input in the cardiac unit. From observing rounds during the interview and my away rotation, I appreciated the ability to let fellows lead rounds with support of attendings only when needed. Leading resident and NP teams is a great resource to prepare for work as an attending. The punchline is that I feel welcome and accepted as a person, while feeling supported and appropriately challenged as a fellow.

Melissa Pavelack, DO

Hometown: Oshkosh, Wisconsin Undergraduate: Ohio State University Medical School: Midwestern University Residency: Advocate Children’s Hospital Research Interests: Environmental Exposures & Toxins, Climate Change Health Effects, Natural Disasters Why Johns Hopkins? Hopkins prioritized creating well-rounded fellows. This was obvious by their strong research support, manageable schedule with no 24h shifts, and clinical spectrum ranging from flight transport to liver transplants.

Class of 2022

Elizabeth Brigham, MD

Hometown: Potomac, MD Undergraduate: William & Mary Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine Residency: Penn State Children’s Hospital Research Interests: Trauma, Medical Education, Simulation Why Johns Hopkins? I came to Hopkins for an away rotation during my 2nd year of residency and loved it!

Jessica LaRosa, MD

Hometown: Roseland, NJ Undergraduate: Northeastern University Medical School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Residency: New York Presbyterian Columbia University Research Interests: Safety & Quality Improvement Why Johns Hopkins? Location in Baltimore. Amazing fellows & faculty. Strong infrastructure to develop research skills.

Carlie Myers, MD

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL Undergraduate: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Medical School: Florida Atlantic College of Medicine Residency: Children’s National Medical Center DC Research Interests: Health equity and overcoming health disparities in the PICU Why Johns Hopkins? I chose Hopkins due to the availability of resources outside of the Bloomberg Children’s Hospital including the School of Public Health to support my research interests. This program also has strong leadership that advocates for fellow education and autonomy.

Victoria Surma, MD

Hometown: Bethesda, MD Undergraduate: University of Maryland, College Park Medical School: Temple University Residency: University of Virginia Research Interests: Predictive monitoring Why Johns Hopkins? I learn by doing. The culture at Hopkins prioritizes that the unit is fellow-run, which provides the most effective training (in my opinion). It is a tight community where attendings support fellows, and fellows support one another.

Class of 2021

Dustin Hansen, MD

Hometown: Rice, MN Undergraduate: St. John’s University (MN) Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin Residency: University of Minnesota Research Interests: Quality/Patient Safety, Global Health Why Johns Hopkins? There is a great focus on education which includes everything from formal lectures and conferences to procedures and simulation. Very accessible and hands on program director. Wide variety of academic opportunities as well with significant resources to support. Where are they now? Sanford Medical Center, Fargo, ND

Julie McCaw, MD

Hometown: Birmingham, AL Undergraduate: Notre Dame Medical School: Tulane Residency: Levine Children’s at Carolinas Medical Center Research Interests: Global health, education, TBD Why Johns Hopkins? I could tell it was a truly fellow-focused program where my clinical skills, education goals, research success, and career development would be prioritized. Everyone I met on interview day was excited to be part of the Hopkins team and easy to get along with, and I appreciated the mix of faculty from different experience and interest backgrounds. Last, but not least, I’m excited to take advantage of frequent transport, anesthesiology, and global health opportunities available to our fellows. Where are they now? Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX

Hilary Schreiber, MD

Hometown: New York and Michigan Undergraduate: Wesleyan University Medical School: Georgetown Residency: Cornell Research Interests: Oncology-critical care intersection, management of complications of immune mediated treatments, etc. Why Johns Hopkins? Broad exposure to complex medical and surgical patients, combined cardiac unit, no 24h call due to night float, a lot of resources for research, and a fun atmosphere to work in. Where are they now? Children’s Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Sarah Gardner, MD

Hometown: Norwich, VT Undergraduate: Tufts University Medical School: University of Vermont Residency: Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Research Interests: Global Health, Sepsis Why Johns Hopkins? Incredible research opportunities in ANY field (including global health!), a unique amount of fellow autonomy and a strong culture of collegiality. Where are they now? Pediatric Cardiac ICU fellow, Lurie Children’s, Chicago, IL

Jennifer Lee, MD

Hometown: San Francisco, CA Undergraduate: UC Berkeley Medical School: University of Queensland/Ochsner Medical Center Residency: Tulane/Ochsner Research Interests: Patient Safety/QI Why Johns Hopkins? I chose Hopkins for not only the clinical experience but also for the resources available for QI/patient safety research. And the people – co-fellows, attendings, nurses, RTs, and all ancillary staff are quite awesome. Where are they now? Cardiac ICU and ECMO Fellow, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, UK

Class of 2020

Alex Constas, MD

Hometown: Montreal, Canada Undergraduate: McGill University Medical School: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Residency: Albany Medical Center Research Interests: Ergonomics and Biomechanics of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Why Johns Hopkins? First and foremost, the people. Everyone was very welcoming from the start and have continued to be a pleasure to work with. Consistent exposure to cardiac patients was also very important to me as they often represent the most complex cohort in any ICU. Finally, the research infrastructure and mentorship opportunities related to my interests were well established. Where are they now? Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist, Advocate Children’s Hospital, Oakland, IL

Sid Dante, MD

Hometown: Richmond, VA Undergraduate: Princeton University Medical School: Medical College of Virginia/VCU Residency: University of Chicago Med Peds Research Interests: Ecmo, neuro-inflammation, monocyte polarization and immune dysfunction; CPR in transport and ECPR for out of hospital and outside hospital patients Why Johns Hopkins? Transport experience, mixed unit with diverse patient populations, research time and support, no call on research and Jen Schuette (a work mom that pushes you). Where are they now? Adult Hospitalist and Pediatric Intensivist, Johns Hopkins University

Erin Herstine, MD

Hometown: Pendleton, SC Undergraduate: Wofford College Medical School: University of South Carolina Residency: University of Louisville Research Interests: Massive transfusion, whole blood use in CHD Why Johns Hopkins? I wanted exposures to all aspects of PCCM including anesthesia, transport, SIM education etc, as well as a robust research experience. On my interview day I was impressed with how much autonomy the fellows had and how welcoming the staff was. Where are they now? Cardiology Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Teresa Lee, MD

Hometown: Columbus, OH Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University Medical School: Wright State University Residency: Inova Fairfax Hospital Research Interests: Critically ill pediatric oncology patients and predictors of mortality Why Johns Hopkins? Location in Baltimore. Hopkins PICU is an environment that offers high acuity and complexity in addition to numerous attendings with multidisciplinary backgrounds which lends to unique training. Where are they now? Anesthesia Residency, Johns Hopkins University

Kami Rogers, MD

Hometown: Spring, TX Undergraduate: University of Texas at San Antonio Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch Residency: Johns Hopkins University (Pediatrics) Research Interests: Cerebral auto-regulation Why Johns Hopkins? Unprecedented autonomy with a wide range of patients and attendings to learn from. Close cooperation with anesthesia with multiple dual-trained attendings offers expanded opportunities both for research as well as additional training if desired. Our program director also goes to bat for anything and everything that she/we perceive essential to our education and experience. Where are they now? Lubbock, TX