What We Do:

Neurosurgical procedures are extremely delicate and require a collaborative effort to ensure that patients maintain good blood flow, oxygen levels, and appropriate level of consciousness. The anesthesiologists in the Neuroanesthesia Division play a critical role in controlling and monitoring patient conditions in addition to ensuring pain management during and after these procedures. Our neuroanesthesiologists provide care in the general neurosurgical operating rooms and in the neurointerventional radiology suites at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Patients in these settings receive personalized anesthetic combinations to accomplish the surgical goals of these complex and nuanced procedures.

Division Spotlight

Drs. Christina Miller and Adam Schiavi from our division are on the front lines of education for the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the care of patients suffering from COVID-19. While material PPE is critical to protecting medical providers, if not donned and doffed properly, providers risk contaminating themselves, co-workers and family, which was a major source of anxiety for many of our colleagues. After training with expert nurses Samuel Gutner and Jade Flinn and in consulation with the Drs. Laeben Lester and Nicole Rizkalla who are leading the Emergency Airway Response team at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Christina and Adam have instituted education programs to teach health care providers from multiple services and departments best practices for donning and doffing of PPE. These programs have included hands-on and remote broadcast simulation training for anesthesia department residents, CRNAs, and attendings as well as for several groups in other departments and at other institutions.

Division Faculty and Clinical Associates

C. David Mintz, MD, PhD
Division Chief for Neuroanesthesiology, Vice Chair for Clinical Operations

Ozan Akca, MD

Brian Cho, MD
Assistant Director for Patient Safety and Clinical Quality

Cara Lynn Esser, MD
Instructor of Neuroanesthesiology

Allan Gottschalk, MD, PhD
Director, Anesthesiology Research Training Program (T32)

Christina Miller, MD
ECT Anesthesia Director, Multidisciplinary Airway Course Director, Simulation Education Co-Director

Marek Mirski, MD, PhD

Thai Nguyen, MD, PhD
Neuroanesthesiology Quality and Safety Director

Kathryn Rosenblatt, MD
Fellowship Director, Director of Outreach

Alyson Russo, MD
Fellowship Director, Director of Neuroanesthesia Resident Education

John B. Sampson, MD
Executive Director Austere Anesthesia Health Outcomes Research Group

Adam Schiavi, MD, PhD, MS.
Center for Immersive Simulation and Telemedicine Director, Simulation Education Co-Director

Vishank Shah, MD

Robert Stevens, MD, FCCM

Robert Thomsen, MD, FASA
Vice Chair for Human Resources and Patient Experience; Medical Director, Endoscopy; Maryland ASA Director

Andrew Wang, MD

John A. Ulatowski, MD, PhD, MBA
Distinguished Service University Professor

Neuroanesthesia Cohort

CRNAs are able to provide anesthesia for a variety of challenging cases in neurosurgery and trauma at Johns Hopkins. They provide anesthesia for cases such as craniotomies, including awake, complex, cervical spine surgeries; posterior fossa tumor resections; endoscopic procedures; spinal fusions; and level I emergency procedures for aneurysms, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and acute trauma to the cervical spine. The CRNAs in this cohort also provide anesthesia for neuro-interventional procedures. Trust and respect are instilled in this group of CRNAs that stems from the attending anesthesiologists, surgeons, and nursing staff. It is a unique area in which to specialize because a patient’s quality of life is involved and constant vigilance is required.

Neuroanesthesia CRNAs

LarSharVeA Bennett, MSN, CRNA 
Joan Chouili, MSN, CRNA
Kimberly Hall, MSN, CRNA
Erick Hauf, MS, CRNA
Dipika Patel, CRNA
Richard Pippenger, MSN, CRNA
Katya Podin, MSN, CRNA