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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) are advanced practice nurses who specialize in the field of anesthesia. As a whole, they have been providing anesthesia care to patients in the United States for more than 150 years. CRNAs will gain an extensive background in critical care medicine before entering into their anesthesia training. After completion of graduate school, CRNA’s are prepared to enter every practice setting. They provide anesthesia in collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, podiatrists, and other qualified healthcare professionals. A Johns Hopkins CRNA is incredibly versatile. The environment is fast-paced and dynamic and features remarkable diversity in patients, procedures, and locations. This challenging setting makes them well-prepared to provide the best care for everyone from the healthy outpatient to the critically ill inpatient. Additionally, CRNAs are vigilant advocates for safe and patient-centered anesthesia care.

Division Spotlight

2022 Olive Berger Award: Wai-Ling Lo, MSN, CRNA

Congratulations to Wai-Ling Lo, MSN, CRNA for receiving the 2021 Olive Berger Award for Clinical Excellence and Leadership!

Olive Berger was a Johns Hopkins CRNA who represents the rich history of the CRNA profession. She completed her anesthesia education from the Johns Hopkins School of Anesthesiology in 1922 and became the Chief CRNA at Johns Hopkins in 1931 until 1969. During her tenure, Olive Berger managed the department while still administering anesthesia and training multiple students annually. She worked closely with Dr. Blalock in the OR and provided the anesthesia for the first Blue Baby procedure.

Each year, the Olive Berger Award is given to a CRNA who is a role model within the Johns Hopkins CRNA division. Wai-Ling’s incomparable professionalism manifested by her unparalleled attention to detail, work ethic, connection with and care of her patients, flexibility and willingness to step up when the need arises makes her our annual Olive Berger award recipient. She is the ultimate team player who works well with everyone and is highly respected amongst nurses, physicians, and her CRNA colleagues. Wai-Ling has developed a unique practice in the care of her patients—she understands and integrates the important and often subtle details of each patient, surgeon, and surgery. Often, Wai-Ling provides essential help to her peers yet does so in an unassuming way. She frequently stays late in order to maintain continuity of care and is a favorite in the electrophysiology lab. She would be a first choice in the care of a loved one. Wai-Ling has been a stalwart in our CRNA division for quite some time, and it is an absolute honor to present her with an award that was named after such a pioneer and influencer in our profession.

Congratulations Wai-Ling!

Division Chief

Matthew Soladay, MSN, CRNA

Lead CRNAs

Joan Chouili, MSN, CRNA (Operation)

Gordon Han, DNP, CRNA (Orientation and Special Projects)


Catherine Lawry, MS, CRNA
Clinical Coordinator Nurse Anesthesia Education

Physician Liaison

Lynette Mark, MD


Stevia John
Senior Administrative Coordinator

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Katya Podin, MSN, CRNA
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Amy Swank, MHS, CRNA
Tracey Trainum, MSN, CRNA
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Patricia Travis, BSN, MSN, CRNA
Michaela Uy, MS, CRNA
Kaitlyn Vaughn, MSN, CRNA
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