Thank you to our presenters and collaborators for your contributions in science and to our moderators, facilitators, and admins for ensuring a successful Research Day!

Category awards were selected by moderators based on contributions to science and quality of presentation and Q&A.

Health equity awards were selected by health equity moderators based on contributions to health equity (e.g. characterizing mechanisms of disparity, investigating populations associated with inequities, evaluating interventions to address and promote equity, and/or educating or disseminating information on health equity).

Research Day Facilitators: Lisa Young and Angelica Kene Ezeigwe

24th Annual ACCM Research Day Category Award Recipients

Basic Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Science 1

Travis Brady

1st: Travis Brady 2nd: Marta Martinez Yus

Basic Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Science 2

Joseph Walpole

1st: Joseph Walpole 2nd: John Skinner

Basic Neuroscience 1

Elizabeth Wilkinson
Jeeun Kang

1st: Elizabeth Wilkinson 2nd: Jeeun Kang

Basic Neuroscience 2

1st: Nelly Damiba 2nd: Preeti Vyas

Clinical Research / Critical Care 1

Melanie Crasta

1st: Melanie Crasta 2nd: Ananda Thomas

Clinical Research / Critical Care 2

Mengkun Chen
Stephanie Morgenstern

1st: Mengkun Chen 2nd: Stephanie Morgenstern


Lisa Young
Mina Ghobrial

1st: Lisa Young 2nd: Mina Ghobrial

Informatics & AI

Chi Zhang

1st: Yuta Kobayashi 2nd: Chi Zhang


1st: Neil Ford 2nd: Gerard Limerick

Quality Improvement

Oluwakemi Tomobi

1st: Oluwakemi Tomobi 2nd: Adam Laytin

24th Annual ACCM Research Day Health Equity Honors

Basic Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Science

Marta Martinez Yus

Sex differences in vascular stiffening with age Marta Martinez Yus et al.

Sexual dimorphisms present in downstream elements of AGO-2/miR-181c pathway Diego Quiroga et al.

Clinical Research / Critical Care

Katherine Macmillan

Population-based study of inpatient and outpatient encounters following pediatric drowning in Maryland Katherine Macmillan et al.

Ananda Thomas

Outcomes of patients who decline allogeneic blood transfusion Ananda Thomas et al.

Anjali Garg

Variation in clinical outcomes for hospitalized children related to childhood opportunity index Anjali Garg et al.

Discrepancies in hypoxemia detection by race and ethnicity in ECMO-supported patients Andrew Kalra et al.


COVID-19 pediatric respiratory care educational training program for healthcare workers in Lesotho Kristen Joseph et al.

Adam Laytin, Lisa Young, & Katie O’Conor

Assessing the need for a health equity curriculum for critical care fellows Lisa Young et al.


Perioperative opioid tapering in patients on methadone medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder (OUD) David Leon, Kellie Jaremko, et al.

Quality Improvement

Identifying factors that contribute to disrespectful maternal care—an observational pilot Mellany Stanislaus et al.

Dr. Frederick Sieber

Multidisciplinary geriatric care in the PACU: a quality improvement initiative Frederick Sieber et al.

Pre-anesthesia counseling, consent, & professionalism Oluwakemi Tomobi et al.

Shomari Sankara

Feasibility of social work intervention in older adults before non-cardiac surgery Shomari Sankara et al.

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ACCM Research Day is a wonderful forum to share our discoveries and innovative research over the past year. Great minds from the Johns Hopkins ACCM family (OneACCM) coming together in one place will boost creative thinking, energy, collaboration, and innovation, enabling us to accomplish our ACCM mission to be the world leader in discovery, innovation, education, and professional development.

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For over 20 years, Research Day has become entrenched in our department’s culture and is well recognized for the quality of science presented and spirit of camaraderie that it engenders.