Erik Su, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Anesthesia

Assistant Professor
6321 Bloomberg

Erik Su is an attending physician in the PICU and the Director of Critical Care Ultrasound. He has been on faculty at Johns Hopkins since 2012. In addition to his general patient care responsibilities, Dr. Su works with the burn service to coordinate burn care for PICU patients. He works collaboratively with them to help form protocols for their treatment and helps to educate other PICU providers on burn management.

Dr. Su also has a strong interest in applications of ultrasound in critical care. Ultrasound can be used in the PICU for procedural guidance and to augment physical examinations at the bedside. In Dr. Su’s research, he is using advanced echocardiography to assess the condition of patients with severe critical illness. He is focused on using ultrasound to better manage patients with hemodynamic, respiratory, and neurologic conditions. Burn patients are very susceptible to hemodynamic and respiratory conditions, particularly from inhalation injury. He is also involved with retrospective clinical and prospective preclinical studies into the cardiac function effects of sepsis, another common complication of burns. An upcoming project will study biomarkers of tissue injury in burn patients. Dr. Su hopes that his research will lead to the development of new modalities to assess patient condition and thereby improve clinical decision-making for patient care.

Dr. Su helps to coordinate pediatric resident education, pediatric anesthesia education, and education of fellows in critical care. He is also the chair of the pediatric and advanced courses in critical care ultrasound for the Society of Critical Care Medicine and teaches many continuing medical education courses for that organization. He hopes to develop a structured educational program in critical care ultrasound within the pediatric critical care specialty.

Dr. Su finds his work very rewarding because it gives him an opportunity to shape the future by helping trainees achieve their goals. He also values the opportunity to use research to develop new ways to manage patients and improve their safety and quality of life. In his spare time, Dr. Su enjoys sports with his three children and playing the guitar.

Dr. Su attended medical school at Eastern Virginia Medical School from 1997 to 2001 and then went on to do his residency in Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh from 2001 to 2004. He completed a fellowship in pediatric critical care medicine at the University of Pittsburgh/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in 2012.