Congratulations on our department’s amazing accomplishments this month!

Grants Received

  • Rebecca Aslakson, MD, PhD, received a grant as part of an international team led in Switzerland by researcher Sofia Carolina Zambrano, PhD. The two-year project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and is titled “Determinants of End of Life Discussion in Non-Malignant Illness: An International, Multicentre, Qualitative Study to Understand the Key Perspectives of Bereaved Families and Medical Specialists”. The grant will fund a multinational (Europe, Australian, and US) qualitative study, and Dr. Aslakson is the site-PI for the US.
  • Kristen Brown, MS, CRNP, PNP-AC, received a research grant from The Dobkin Research Fund from the Maryland-Chesapeake Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) for her project titled “Preventing Cardiac Arrest in the Postoperative Congenital Heart Disease Patient: A High-fidelity Simulation Boot Camp for Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Nurse Practitioners.”

Accomplishments and Honors

  • Sean Barnes, MD, MBA, gave a talk at the 5th Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference titled an “Overview of Pediatric Sedation, Sleep and Delirium Issues.”
  • Charlie Brown, MD, was elected Secretary of the Society for the Advancement of Geriatric Anesthesia for 2017-2018.
  • Steve Cohen, MD, was reappointed to the Board of Directors of ASRA (the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine).
  • Steve Frank, MD, gave a talk at the American Association of Blood Banks Annual Meeting on “Leveraging Data from Electronic Medical Records in a Patient Blood Management Program.”
  • Robert Greenberg, MD, was named one of Baltimore’s top doctors in Pediatric Anesthesia for 2016 by Baltimore Magazine.
  • Nikki Heller, PhD, served for a second time as an NIH reviewer on a Special Emphasis Panel: Inflammation, Allergy and Asthma, which may become a permanent study section.
  • Nadia Hensley, MD, presented “The Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Patient for Noncardiac Surgery” at Grand Rounds on September 28 at Debakey Heart Center in Houston, TX.  She also presented on a panel discussion at ASA on Oct. 23: Cardiac Secrets: What Do I Really Need to Know, “Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Patients for Noncardiac surgery.”
  • Nadia Hensley, Beth Morse, Jeannie Lee, and Edward Lau presented a poster at the Armstrong Institute’s Patient Safety Summit on October 14. The poster was titled “Multidisciplinary Solution for Reconciliation of Controlled Substances for Intraoperative Patients.”
  • Rahul Koka, MD, MPH, presented an abstract as an oral podium presentation at the Armstrong Patient Safety Summit titled “When Seconds Count: Practicing CPR in the OR using Deliberate Practice.” Also on this abstract were Hal Shaffner, Shivani Patel, and Jordan Duval.
  • Marjone Meneses, NCIIE, graduated from MSN Leadership in Nursing Education at Notre Dame of Maryland University.
  • Dolores Njoku, MD, was elected to the FAER (Foundation of Anesthesia Education and Research) Executive Board as Vice Chair of Programs. Her role will include the Medical Student Research Program, The Academy of Mentors, the FAER sponsored Lectures at the ASA, and currently the Resident Scholars Program.
  • Nicole Shilkofski, MD, was promoted to Associate Professor.
  • Nicole Shilkofski, MD, was awarded the Society for Critical Care Medicine Star Research Award for top 10 abstracts accepted to SCCM 2017 meeting.
  • Nicole Shilkofski, MD, led a delegation of ACCM PALS instructors including Hal Shaffner, Nina Nami, and Meghan Bernier, to complete a pediatric resuscitation instructors mentoring course in Tehran, Iran in collaboration with UNICEF and the Iranian Ministry of Health.
  • Jochen Steppan, MD, presented a Refresher Course lecture at the ASA meeting titled Perioperative Management Strategies for Adults With Complex Congenital Heart Disease Presenting for Non-Cardiac Surgery.
  • Jerry Stonemetz, MD, and his team were nominated for the Clinical Collaboration and Teamwork Award, one of the six honors bestowed annually by the Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Awards for Physicians and Care Teams in recognition of commitment to engage colleagues in shared decision-making, open communication, collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Robert Thomsen, MD, and his team were nominated for the Clinical Collaboration and Teamwork Award, one of the six honors bestowed annually by the Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Awards for Physicians and Care Teams in recognition of commitment to engage colleagues in shared decision-making, open communication, collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Jian Wang, MD, PhD, gave two invited talks on traumatic brain injury and intracerebral hemorrhage in China last month.
  • Barbara Vickers, MD, MH, and Meghan Shackelford, MS, CRNP-AC, presented an abstract at the Armstrong Patient Safety Summit last month titled “Standardized Handoffs in the Pediatric Intensive Care Units.”
  • Kayode Williams, MD, was named one of Baltimore’s top doctors in Pain Medicine for 2016 by Baltimore Magazine.
  • A paper from Nikki Heller’s lab received special recognition from the Journal of Biological Chemistry for having been read 342 times on the JBC website in August and September:
    McCormick SM, Gowda N, Fang JX, Heller NM. Suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS)1 regulates IL-4-activated insulin receptor substrate (IRS)-2 tyrosine phosphorylation in monocytes and macrophages via the proteasome. J Biol Chem 2016; 291(39):20574-87.
  • A review article by Steve Frank, Andrew Scott, and Linda Resar that appeared in Anesthesiology News was ranked the #1 article in that publication in October. The title of the article is Bloodless medicine and surgery: Top 10 things to consider.
  • Work being carried out by Rahul Koka and Hal Shaffner on CPR training in the operating room was featured in last month’s issue of the Dome.
  • The PICU Up! Early Mobilization Group hosted the first Pediatric ICU Rehab Track at the 5th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehab Conference Nov 3rd-5th. The Pediatric ICU Rehab Track was attended by110 people from around the world. ACCM speakers included Beth Wieczorek, Sapna Kudchadkar, and Sean Barnes.
  • Sapna Kudchadkar’s research and the PICU Up! Program were featured in the Baltimore Sun. The story can be found at
  • Colleen Koch’s second annual visit with the CA2 residents to Ether Dome in Boston was written up in the November issue of the ASA Monitor newsletter. Among other places, the group visited the Ether Monument, which is dedicated to WTG Morton’s first demonstration of the effects of ether anesthesia. They also visited the Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital, where Morton made the demonstration of ether on October 16, 1846, and viewed an 1893 painting by Robert Cutler Hinckley called The first operation with ether, which depicts the demonstration.
  • The following ACCM residents presented Medically Challenging Cases at last month’s meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists: Christopher Abruzzeses, Matthew Betz, Whitney de Luna, Natalia Diaz, Angela Galotti, Stephen Freiberg, Cathy He, Andrew Hudson, Gina Kim, In Kim, Lauren Scher, Rob Sickler, Giancarlo Suffredini, Iehab Talukder, and Robert Thorwarth. Additionally, Sucie Chang was a FAER Sponsored Scholar and Bryan Marascalchi was sponsored by MSA.


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Books and Book Chapters

Sommer CL, Wallace MS, Cohen SP, Kress M. Pain 2016: Refresher Courses: 16th World Congress on Pain. IASP Press, Washington, DC, 2016.