What We Do:

Neurosurgical procedures are extremely delicate and require a collaborative effort to ensure that patients maintain good blood flow, oxygen levels, and appropriate level of consciousness. The anesthesiologists in the Neuroanesthesia Division play a critical role in controlling and monitoring patient conditions in addition to ensuring pain management during and after these procedures. Our neuroanesthesiologists provide care in the general neurosurgical operating rooms and in the neurointerventional radiology suites at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Patients in these settings receive personalized anesthetic combinations to accomplish the surgical goals of these complex and nuanced procedures.


Experts in ECT

Miller_Christina.07182016bJohns Hopkins Medicine is known for its multidisciplinary collaborations that pair the country’s leading experts to provide world-class safe and effective care. The Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine Neuroanesthesia Division represents this multidisciplinary model working alongside the Johns Hopkins Psychiatric and Behavioral Sciences Department in providing electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) services. Led by Dr. Christina Miller, a group of expert neuroanesthesia physicians and certified nurse anesthetists provide customized anesthetic plans to optimize ECT therapy to treat certain psychiatric disorders including depression in the acute and outpatient setting. Anesthesia selection and planning is critical for these patients receiving ECT therapy, as many medications can impact seizure activity and subsequently mood. With the support of Dr. Miller, the ECT service has been expanding and is in the process of moving to newly renovated space that supports a welcoming environment that balances patient privacy while facilitating safety and communication among care providers. A constant dialogue between the anesthesia and psychiatry teams further facilitates patient-centric, safe and effective treatment.