Accomplishments and Honors:

  • Kayode Williams, MD, MPH, was elected to the Nominating Committee for the American Academy of Pain Medicine. This six-member committee is chaired by the immediate past president of the academy and is charged with securing candidates for all elected positions including the president of the academy.
  • Jennifer Schuette, MD, gave a talk in December at the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society’s 12th Annual Meeting in Miami, Florida. The talk was entitled “What a Pain in the Gut! Feeding Intolerance and NEC in the Inpatient Setting.”
  • Adam Schiavi, MD, PhD, has been appointed the Director of ACCM Simulation Education.
  • Lew Romer, MD, was appointed to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Pediatric Guideline Task Force of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the European Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine.
  • Aliaksei Pustavoitau, MD, was appointed the departmental Director of Perioperative Ultrasound.
  • Patricia Powel, who works in JHH Respiratory Therapy, received the STAR employee of the month award in the CCU.
  • Katie Mattare, adult clinical coordinator for respiratory care services, was awarded “Educator of the Year” by the MD/DC Society of Respiratory Care.
  • Kenny Jacobson, adult registered respiratory therapist, was awarded “Rookie of the Year” by the MD/DC Society of Respiratory Care.
  • Romergryko Geocadin, MD, was Co-President of the International Joint Symposium on Neurocritical Care held in Tokyo, Japan, November 19-21, 2016.
  • Lilly Engineer, DrPH, MD, MHA, an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (ACCM) and the Bloomberg School of Public Health (HPM), and co-Director of the HPM DrPH program, has been appointed as patient safety expert by the Chinese Hospital Association, an organization similar to the national AHA in the US. She will offer patient safety and quality improvement advising to the Chinese Patient Safety Collaborative Network over the coming years to make care safer for patients admitted to Chinese hospitals.
  • Pain Pathways Magazine featured Paul Christo, MD, MBA, in its Physician Spotlight column for his weekly radio show called Aches and Gains. The national radio talk show features guests who have overcome pain, pain experts, and advice on overcoming pain and living healthfully. The full article can be found at

Grants Received:

  • Charles Brown, MD, received a Magic that Matters grant for his proposal “Cerebral Autoregulation in Cardiac Surgery: Pilot Data for a Trial and Exploratory Mechanisms,” which he will use to study cerebral autoregulation monitoring during cardiac surgery.
  • Robert Greenberg, MD, and a Johns Hopkins team have been awarded a high technology equipment gift/grant from Nihon Kohden to support ongoing laboratory and clinical research on JHU-originated (and patented) technology that continuously and objectively assesses the effects of neural blockade in children (and adults). Besides Dr. Greenberg, the team includes Drs. Jessica George and Alyssa Padover from the School of Medicine and Dr. Wayne Sternberger from the Applied Physics Laboratory.
  • Deepesh Pandey, PhD, and Thorsten Leucker, MD, who work in the labs of Drs. Lew Romer and Dan Berkowitz, received a Magic that Matters grant for their proposal “Endothelial PCSK9: A novel target in metabolic syndrome-induced endothelial dysfunction.”

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