Phelps_Michael.06202016Dr. Michael Phelps Receives Johns Hopkins Women’s Board Grant

The provision of anesthesia in remote areas outside of the operating room has seen a rapid rise over the past decade. ACCM now supports delivering close to 20,000 anesthetics outside of our Johns Hopkins Hospital operating rooms and obstetric suites.

Our anesthesiologists have developed unique expertise in delivering safe and quality anesthesia care in these remote locations, but must presently transport the full anesthesia machine that contains components not necessary for these remote cases across the hospital.

In addition, the current anesthesia machines lack some of the necessary components to address potential needs unique to the remote care environment.

Dr. Michael Phelps has been awarded a grant from the Johns Hopkins Women’s Board to construct a single, one-piece cart that has all of the necessary anesthesia monitoring equipment in addition to an attached portable ventilator, backup equipment and medications.

The grant also supports a custom-developed iPad application to function as a checklist to be sure the machine has all necessary components before being deployed to a remote location.

The Women’s Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital solicits proposals annually from the clinical departments of the Johns Hopkins Hospital for projects that affect patient care most directly.

Congratulations to Dr. Phelps and thank you to the Women’s Board for helping ACCM to deliver safe and quality anesthetic care to patients across the care continuum in all hospital settings.