What We Do:

Many patients and families prefer to seek care in the communities in which they live. The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center provides this comfortable community setting while ensuring the same expertise associated with the Johns Hopkins Medicine name. Many providers practice at both the Bayview Medical Center and downtown Johns Hopkins Hospital. The Bayview Medical Center Anesthesia Division provides anesthesia and critical care services to the unique community served by Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Bayview Medical Center represents the true meaning of community hospital with Centers of Excellence tailored to the community’s patient population including the State of Maryland’s only regionally designated center for burn treatment and the Johns Hopkins Center for Bariatric Surgery. The community served by Bayview Medical Center is uniquely situated to experience a close-knit community hospital while experiencing the expertise and innovate treatments available from the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

Bayview Medical Center

Research Strengths in the Community Setting

The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center has undergone a remarkable transformation from a Baltimore City Hospital into a vibrant academic medical center in a community setting. The movement towards a teaching and research-oriented institution is exemplified by the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine’s Bayview Division. One of the major research endeavors of the Bayview Anesthesiologists is a collaborative effort between Anesthesia and Geriatrics in forming a multidisciplinary Hip Fracture Service that focuses on optimizing experience and outcomes for geriatric surgical patients. Specific research interests of this group include optimization of anesthetic management of patients with cognitive impairment focused on decreasing postoperative delirium.

The Bayview Anesthesiology researchers have obtained a National Institutes of Health grant to specifically study inflammatory markers of delirium in elderly surgical patients. A second NIH-funded clinical trial from the Bayview Anesthesiology researchers investigates the effects of depth of sedation during spinal anesthesia on the incidence of postoperative delirium, cognitive dysfunction, and mortality. The Bayview Division is also part of a multi-center PICOR trial along with the University of Pennsylvania medical center to investigate the postoperative delirium, cognitive function and ambulation outcomes of spinal versus general anesthesia use. The Johns Hopkins Bayview Anesthesiology Division is leading the way in research benefiting its unique patient population in the Baltimore community.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Grace Anderson, CRNA
Leslie Awasom, CRNA
Soudabeh Banankhah, CRNA
Elizabeth Borissow, CRNA
Angelique Brooks, CRNA
Reagan Copper, CRNA
Kathleen Cox Miller, CRNA
Selam Ekubegzie, CRNA
Laurie Granata, CRNA
Jimmy Jones, CRNA
Emmanuel Kanjo, CRNA
Mojgan Khajavi-Nouri, CRNA
Sue Kim, CRNA
Martial Lekane, CRNA
Lu Lin, CRNA
Katherine Linden, CRNA
Ramses MoCombe, CRNA
Mary Mosaad, CRNA
Ashley Mueller, MSN, CRNA
Stephen Olomukoro, CRNA
Frantz Paul, CRNA
Barry Perper, CRNA
Jose Sanariz, CRNA
Kristine Santos, CRNA
Tim Smith, CRNA
Jessica Switzman, CRNA