Accomplishments and Honors

Christopher Abruzzese, DO, presented the poster “Blood Loss in Pediatric Population Getting Craniofacial Surgery” at the SPA conference in Austin TX. His mentor was Nick Dalesio.

Jessica Berger, MD, presented the poster “Clinical Case: A 37 y/o Woman with Preeclampsia and Respiratory Failure” at the 2017 conference of the American Medical Women’s Association. Her Mentor was Tina Tran.

Meghan Bernier, MD, a fourth year PICU fellow, was awarded the Pearl M. Stetler Research Fellowship Award for Women Physicians for 2017.

Jason Brookman, MD, gave Grand Rounds at Massachusetts General Hospital in February and was one of the teaching faculty for the JHMI Perioperative Medicine course held on Marco Island in March.

Natalia Diaz-Rodriguez, MD, a pediatrics/anesthesia resident, won the Frank L. Coulson Miller Jr. award.

Natalia Diaz-Rodriguez, MD, presented the poster “Can We Predict a Difficult Airway?” at the SPA conference in Austin TX. Her mentor was Nick Dalesio.

Lilly Engineer, MD, DrPH, MHA, was selected to serve on the 2017 Board of Examiners as a national-level examiner for the National Baldridge Performance Excellence program.

Nicole Grass, MS, CRNA, presented at the Sub-specialties in Nurse Anesthesia Conference at the York College in Pennsylvania in March 2017. Her presentation, “The Role of the Nurse Anesthetist in the Electrophysiology Lab,” highlighted the typical and atypical cases seen in the EP lab, the challenges faced, and the knowledge required to provide safe and effective care to patients undergoing these procedures.

Theresa Hartsell, MD, PhD, was invited to speak at KoreAnesthesia 2017. This event is the Korean version of the annual ASA meeting and will be held in Seoul in November.

Dan Hottinger, MD, presented the poster “A study of Pediatric Lawn Mower Injuries” at the SPA conference in Austin TX. His mentors were Deb Schwengel and Rahul Koka.

Aleksander Keselman, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow working with Nikki Heller, was invited to present his research as an oral abstract at the upcoming American Association of Immunologists annual meeting, immunology’s premier international event, in Washington DC.

Sophia Koessel, MD, presented the poster “Avoiding Weakness—A Case of Successful Regional Nerve Block in a Patient with Inclusion Body Myositis” at the 2017 conference of the American Medical Women’s Association. Her mentor was Kara Segna.

Sarah Nelson, MD, had a poster accepted at the European Stroke Organisation Conference, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic. Nelson S, Mould A, Thompson R, Dlugash R, Awad I, Hanley DF, Ziai W. Primary Intraventricular Hemorrhage in the CLEAR III Trial.

Courtney Robertson, MD, gave an invited lecture titled “Pediatric TBI: Unique Responses of the Developing Brain to Injury” at the National Capital Area TBI Research Symposium.

Jeffrey Sagel, DO, was appointed to another term on the Maryland Board of Physicians Perfusion Advisory Committee (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2020).

Deborah Schwengel, MD, was elected to the ASA Patient Safety Editorial Board.

Mary Scott-Herring, DNP, MS, CRNA, successfully completed her DNP Project “The Implementation and Evaluation of a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Preceptor/Mentorship Program,” on March 28, 2017.

Nicole Shilkofski, MD, MEd, gave a keynote address on “The Science Behind the Pediatric Resuscitation Guidelines” at the MEDICS 2017 conference on medical student education in Bucharest and was a visiting professor at the Carol Davila School of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania.

Irfan Suleman, MD, was course director of the First Ultrasound-Guided Pediatric Chronic Interventional Pain Workshop, at the Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine Annual Meeting held March 2nd in Austin TX.

Zhi “Elena” Zhang, PhD, gave an invited research presentation titled “Temporal Changes in Neuroinflammation and Tryptophan Pathway in a Rabbit Model of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury” during the Neuroinflammation Session of the National Capital Area TBI Research Symposium.

Respiratory Therapy has had perfect, 100%, hand hygiene results for 4 months in a row. This achievement will be recognized with a picture of the Respiratory Therapy group on Johns Hopkins Hospital screen savers.

Grants Received

Meghan Bernier, MD, received the 2016 Christen White Cranford Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Research and Mentoring Grant through the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s Robyn J Barst Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Fund.

Charles Brown, MD, was awarded a K23 Mentored Career Development Award for his proposal “Prevention and Consequences of Postoperative Delirium.”

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Books and Book Chapters

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