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The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can be an intimidating and frightening place for patients and families dealing with the most complex and life threatening medical situations. The Adult Critical Care Medicine Division’s goal is to provide the necessary expert and compassionate clinical care for adult surgical patients who require time in the intensive care unit after surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. The Division is uniquely staffed by anesthesiologists, emergency medicine, and internal medicine physicians. The teams in the intensive care setting are focused on providing 24-hour coordinated and communicative care to patients and their families. To ensure cohesive patient management the intensive care units are “intensivist-led” meaning the critical care attending and team manages all aspects of patient care with the input from specialty surgical services. This model helps ensure that patients and families have coordinated communication and care during what is likely a difficult time for all involved.

Adult Critical Care

dormanTodd Dorman Elected President of SCCM

As if being the Vice Chair for Critical Care Services in the Department of Anesthesiology and the Senior Associate Dean for Education Coordination for the entire Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was not enough, Dr. Todd Dorman, member of the Adult Critical Care Medicine Division of the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, has been elected as the President of The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM). SCCM is the largest non-profit medical organization focused on the practice of critical care medicine. Prior to serving as President beginning in 2016, Dr. Dorman served on the 18-member Council of SCCM alongside fellow critical care medicine providers who specialize in anesthesiology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacy, internal medicine, nursing, pediatrics, and surgery.
The council and presidency represent a distinguished group of critical care providers who lead the globe in providing intensive care to the critically ill. Dr. Dorman is honored and ready to take on the responsibility of his new role in the critical care medicine international community.

“It is an incredible honor and extremely humbling experience to be chosen to be president of one’s professional society. It is an opportunity not an obligation.  During my tenure, the SCCM will continue functioning strategically. Some of the major foci include interprofessional education and an expansion of grant opportunities including the establishment of the THRIVE initiative which is dedicated to understanding and advancing the care of those with post intensive care syndrome (PICS). We will be launching a project designed to understand how to best deliver care to patients with sepsis in situations of limited resources as well as to start to create a surviving sepsis guideline for pediatric patients. We will also be looking to grow our involvement in understanding and addressing burnout and PTSD in our teams of providers. This is critical for optimal patient care and it is critical for our teams.”

Dr. Dorman is poised to represent ACCM, Johns Hopkins, and the critical care practice community well as he steps into this incredible opportunity. His colleagues and patients are lucky to have him as part of their care teams.