Have you ever thought about doing an educational research project and realized you didn’t really know how to go about it? Have you ever wished you had resources or a community to help you develop your projects?

We happily announce the new ACCM Education Research Core (ERC). The ERC is designed to support faculty, staff, and trainees in the mission of creating, completing, and publishing educational scholarship. This is a department-level initiative that is well aligned with our strategic goals and our vision to create a culture of educational inquiry and scholarly successes. We will attain these goals through a research structure that is partly shared with the Clinical Research Core. The research structure includes administrative assistance, IRB submission support, StAAR grant support, database management, statistical analysis, consultation with professional educators, and a community of thought partners. A monthly education lab meeting, ELab, is an opportunity for education researchers to present works in progress, conceive new projects, and learn about techniques or relevant education literature.

Please view our faculty, resources, and links to discover how we can help you become a successful education researcher. Please visit https://erc.web.jhu.edu.