Over the past 18 years, Research Day has become entrenched in our department’s culture and is well recognized for the quality of science presented and spirit of camaraderie that it engenders.

2016 Research Day Poster Award Winners

Poster # Presenter Title Category
1 Sebastian Barreto Harnessing non-visual light receptors in vasculature to induce pulmonary vasorelaxation Cardiopulmonary-1
8 Thorsten Leucker Oxidized-LDL down-regulates Cystathionine Gamma Lyase expression in aortic endothelial cells via upregulation of HDAC6 Cardiopulmonary-2
15 Jochen Steppan LOXL2 in pulmonary hypertension Cardiopulmonary-3
28 Zhi “Elena” Zhang Temporal changes in neuroinflammation and tryptophan pathway in a rabbit model of pediatric traumatic brain injury Neuroscience-1
32 Michele Schaefer Disrupting PSD-95 domain-mediated protein-protein interactions in neonatal rodents alters dendritic spine morphology and causes deficits in learning and memory Neuroscience-2
38 Xi Lan Role of soluble epoxide hydrolase after intracerebral hemorrhage Neuroscience-3
49 Zhi “Elena” Zhang Towards improved dendrimer-NAC nanoformulations for the treatment of cerebral palsy in a rabbit model Neuroscience-4
52 YuChia Wang Molecular mechanisms of anesthetic effects on growth cone guidance Neuroscience-5
65 Alison Conca-Cheng “Hoping for the Best, Planning for the Worst”: Engaging with providers about the role of advanced care planning discussions in perioperative patient care Perioperative-1
67 Stephen Freiberg Reasons for delayed discharge after cardiac surgery: a quality improvement initiative Perioperative-2
75 Ryan Healy Objectively monitoring patient recovery after cardiac surgery Perioperative-3
86 Renee Willett Post-pump ECMO circuit pressures are associated with cardiac dysfunction and outcome in children Perioperative-4